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Mental Health Nursing Questions Sample 2019

(Established by Nursing and Midwifery Registration etc Act Cap No 143 Law of the Federal of Nigeria 2004).

Professional Examination For Mental Health Nurses

November 2019.

Answer ALL Questions (Use the Answer Booklet).
Time Allowed: 3 Hours for Section A & B.

INSTRUCTIONS: This Paper Consists of Section A & B: Please read the instructions for each section CAREFULLY.

Any Candidate who makes an unauthorized writing/appeal on the Answer Booklet shall be DISQUALIFIED.

Candidate’s NUMBER and NOT NAME is to be entered at the top right – hand corner of each sheet.

1. Therapeutic relationship is the foundation upon which mental health nursing is founded.
a. Define therapeutic relationship (1 marks).
b. State and describe five (5) essential conditions in the development of therapeutic relationship in the ward (5 marks).
c. Describe the four (4) phases of therapeutic relationship and the task each demonstrate in the ward (4 marks).
d. Highlight six (6) example of boundary crossing between a nurse and his/her patient either in the ward or in the community (8 Marks).

2. Nephrotic Syndrome is not a disease itself, but the manifestation of many different glomerular diseases. It is a known pathology among children.
a. With the aid of a Well labelled diagram, describe the microscopic structure of the kidney.
Diagram – 1 mark.
Labeling – 2 marks.
Description – 3 marks (6 marks).

b. Enumerate eight (8) clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome in children (4 marks).
c. In order to establish the presence of nephrotic syndrome, laboratory tests such as serum albumin and urinalysis are essentials,
Describe your nursing responsibilities in the two laboratory tests mentioned (4 marks).
d. Lasix and prednisolone are part of the medications used in the management of a child with nephrotic syndrome. Write briefly on these two drugs.
(3 marks each = 6 marks).

psychiatric mental health nursing question

3. Play is a legitimate right of childhood, representing a crucial aspect of children’s physical intellectual and social development.
Also the use of play as a nursing intervention in paediatric care is important.
a. Define therapeutic play (2 marks).
b. List six (6) types of play encouraged in the paediatric ward (3 marks).
c. Write briefly on the importance of play during hospitalization of children (5 marks).
d. Describe a typical play room in the paediatric ward (4 marks).
e.Describe six (6) roles of a paediatric nurse in a child’s play (6 marks).

4. Write short notes on the following:
a. Environmental factors that affect the health of a child.
b. Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
c. Characteristics of good documentation.
d. Two (2) types of socialization.
e. Quality assurance in nursing (4 marks each).

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