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Pre Nursery Age/Duration

(Age 1 – 2 years)
Ideally, a child enters and remains in the Pre Nursery environment for 2 consecutive years.

By the time the child has finished a 2-year Pre Nursery cycle, the child should be comfortable working independently as well as complete complex tasks happily.

Pre Nursery Curriculum in Nigeria

The curriculum for Pre Nursery has been designed to help a child unfold her/his talents, to enable and guide him/her to sharpen her/his mental and physical abilities.

Scheme of Work for Pre Nursery Class in Nigeria

Here we have an examples of a standard pre nursery curriculum.

Subject Area in the Pre Nursery Curriculum

Rhymes, Stories, Pictorial Play, Extension of Barney activities display.

The writing aspect, Literature, Picture reading.

Cultural Exercise
Areas to cover
History, – Stories on morals
Geography – Globe (Land and Water forms)
Science – Topic of experiment, Sinking and Floating objects,

Practical Life Exercise
inlcude, Sitting on a mat, rolling and unrolling of a mat, shutting and opening of doors and windows.

Sensorial Exercises
Shapes, Colour and Dimesions are case study e.t.c


Pre Nursery Scheme of Work  for 1st Term

TOPIC: Rhymes and songs
CONTENT: Songs should be taken first, rhymes next.

TOPIC: Finger displays, following Barney series/any other Educative series.
CONTENT: 1, 2,3, 4, 5 How many fingers do you have?. E.t.c are rhymes that would explain this aspect of activity work in action.

TOPIC: Circle time. Use of chairs and their arrangements).
CONTENT: The use of chairs. Introduce arrangement of chair patterns to the children, and watch them explore and bring in their ideas without interruption.

TOPIC: Chart displays on Animals. Children are meant to call each by name/by grouping.
CONTENT: Farm animals, forest and domestic animals should be called by their names, and to some extent be recognized.
The animal farm would be a good tool.

TOPIC: Chart displays on Plants. Children are miant to call each ay name/by grouping.
CONTENT: Grasses, shrubs and trees.

TOPIC: Chart displays on Means of Transportation. Children are meant to call each by name.
CONTENT: Air, road, water.

TOPIC: Chart displays on Items in a home, children are meant to call ea£n by name/by grouping.
CONTENT: Depending on the segmentation of a house (sample house), the following are interesting places to recognize.
– Kitchen.
– Parlour/Sitting room.
– Bedroom.

How to Get Scheme of Work for Pre Nursery Class.

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