Buy Your Recommended WAEC Webcam for SSCE and GCE Offline Registration 2019

Webcam Capturing of Image for WAEC offline Registration….Starting from WASSCE for School Candidates 2019 registration exercises, browsing to select candidates scanned images in a folder during Offline registration will no longer be allowed. A digital Camera or webcam is to be attached to the PC or Laptop being used for the registration.

WAEC Webcam Minimum Requirement/Specification:

2.0MP 720p USB 2.0
Colour: High Resolution RGB Support.
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified.
2.0 Megapixel sensor.
Up to 30 frames per second.
Example is Logitech Webcam C600

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Price of the Recommended WAEC – Logitech Webcam C600 to be used for 2019 Registration

The Digitalpersona U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint (Biometric) Scanner and Logitech Webcam C600 which is required for the WAEC Offline registration go for N9000 and N18000 respectively.

However, I have tested up-to four different webcam, and have confirm a product which work perfectly well on the waec offline registration platform, it is more durable, adjustable and with a better picture quality than the waec specified logitech webcam c600.

It work on the following operating system: Window XP, Windows 7, Window 8 and 10, it does not require any special software for it to be installed (plug and play) and it is cheaper.

The cost of the webcam go for just N10,000.

If you want me to tell you the name of the webcam so that you can buy it at your end, the cost of knowing the name go for N1800

You can call/whatsapp me on 08051311885 on how you can get yours.

Things to Note when using the webcam to Snap on the WAEC Offline Reg Platform.

1.) Ensure that the candidate’s face (nose, ears, mouth and jaw) is fully shown without bending.
2.) Ensure that the picture fills the frame and centralized.
3.) Ensure that the environment is well illuminated. If the registration is taking place in a room, all the windows should be opened.
4.) The background should be white or off white. Use a white cloth or white board as background.
5.) Candidate should not sit on a chair with back rest Sitting on a stool will be preferable.
6.) Recommended Camera pixel is 2MB minimum.

Qualities Expected of each uploaded Picture into WAEC Offline platform

1.) must be 275 x 314 pixels in dimension;
2.) must not be less than 7kb or more than 15kb in size;
3.) must not have any other image at the background;
4.) candidate must not wear eyeglasses of any kind in the picture;
5.) background must be white or off white;
6.) must be very clear and not blurry;
7.) must not contain any other human face at the background apart from that of the intended candidate;
8.) must have human face alone; no other object-must appear in the picture;
9.) must he ..” cue for each candidate; that is, an already captured candidate’s picture must not be used for any other candidate.

The screenshot below is a report of registered candidate  aka weac offline photo album of a certain school. The candidates photograph are capture using the webcam i talked about above.


  1. i used my laptop webcam for registration of waec 2019 .. do i still have an eternal webcam ….i noticed i cant activate the camera icons in the 2020 waec offline…

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