How to Capture Candidate Photograph in WAEC SSCE Offline App Using Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 WebCam

How to Capture Candidate Passport Photograph in WAEC SSCE Offline Registration using Microsoft lifecam HD 3000….The ability of West Africa Examination Council offline application for school Candidate to work and function on your computer system effectively, largely depend on some fundamental requirements.

Application / System / Hardware Requirement

These requirements are classified into three: Application Requirements, System Requirements and Hardware Requirement.

The Application Requirement

Windows Installer 3.1
Microsoft Visual Basic PowerPacks 10.0
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (x86 and x64)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Report Viewer

System Requirement.

Supported Operating System : Window 9 and above.
Supported Architecture: 86 and 64 bits.

Hardware Requirement.

Only Digital persona Scanner and Microsoft lifecam HD-3000 Webcam
Minimum disk space.
x86 – 1.5 GB
x64 – 3.5 GB

The WAEC SSCE offline application is configured with Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 webcam and therefore does not recognize any other Webcam apart from the Microsoft Product.

Here is a detailed step by step guidelines on how to capture candidate Picture on the offline application app using Microsoft lifecam HD-3000 webcam.

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How to Capture Candidate Photograph on WAEC SSCE Offline App.

After you have type in the candidate information, you need to capture their picture using Microsoft webcam, to be able to proceed to the next stage to capture the biometric (fingerprint) data.

01. To begin this process, bring out the Digital Persona Scanner and the Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000 webcam.
02. Plug both into any of the USB port of the computer to be used for data capturing.
03. Launch the WAEC SSCE Offline Application.
04. Create your school profile by clicking on Registration > School Registration.
05. If already created, click on Registration > Candidates Registration > Register Candidate.
06. Type in the details of the candidate you want to capture his/her details
07. To start the process of capturing click on Start Camera and focus the webcam on the candidate face.

Ensure the following are meet
The environment is well illuminated.
The background is white ( avoid stain on the white background).
The candidate face is fully shown without bending.
The picture fill the frame and centralized.

08. To Capture, Click on Capture Image, if successful, click on submit.

My Experience
Once you focus the webcam on the candidate, wait for 6 seconds, the webcam has the ability to further brighten the background, at that point click on capture image.

How to Capture Candidate Biometric for WAEC SSCE.

09. Click on start capture and place the finger thumb on the digital persona for capturing.
Note. each right or left finger thumb are to be capture twice.

If done correctly, the entry for the candidate will be successfully submitted.

How to Capture Candidate Passport in WAEC SSCE Offline App – YouTube Video.

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