Waec Result Checker – Check Your Result in 3 Simple Ways

Question: Is waec result May/June 2017 out?
Answer: Yes, as at the time of publishing this post, the waec result for May/June 2017 has be released.

Waec result checker scratch card

– what is the official cost and how can one obtain it.

Answer: The official cost of the scratch card is N1800, i.e if you are buying it in bulk from their head or zonal office.

Note. If you are interested in getting the waec result checker card from us, we can assist you, but we do charge N2000 for it.

What range of year is the waec result available to check online?
Answer: From the year 1980 – till date.

What is the maximum number of check, one can used the waec result checker scratch card to check for a given result.
Answer:  The Maximum number of time you can use a waec result checker to check a given candidate result is five (5) times

How to Check WAEC Result for both SSCE and GCE for Any Given Year

  1. Visit the waec direct online result checker portal www.waecdirect.org
  2. Enter your Examination Year (the year your sat for the exam)
  3. Select your examination type – for waec ssce school candidate chose the option SCHOOL CANDIDATE RESULT; for waec gce private candidate choose the option PRIVATE CANDIDATE RESULT
  4. Type in your card serial number
  5. Type in your card pin (Personal Identification Number)
  6. Lastly click on submit, then wait for your result to show up
waec result checker portal

How to Print out Your WAEC Result?

Answer: If you are using desktop or laptop, once the result show up, go to your file menu and select print, or click on print on the waec result page that load up.

If you used phone to check your result, save the page, take it to a cyber café, for it to be downloaded and printed out.


Can I see a sample of waec result image
Answer:  here is a format of waec result

waec result checker sample

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Waec Result Interpretation or Breakdown

A1 – Excellent; A2 – Very Good;  B3 – Good; B4 – Good; C5 – Credit; C6 – Credit; D7 – Pass; D8 –Weak Pass; F9 – Fail.

Does waec result expire?
Answer: No, Waec result does not have expiration date.

Does waec result expire?
Answer: No, Waec result does not expire.

Waec result is valid for how many years
Answer:  for admission process

When do waec result normally come out

For waec ssce result – this result comes normally come out between the month of august and September

For Waec gce result- this result comes out between the month of December and the following year January.

How long is waec result valid?
Answer: recently for admission process, some institution does not accept waec result older than five year into their year one regular programme (i.e during admission process, the result should not be more than five years from the year it was obtained)

Waec result upgrading – how true is it?
Answer: There is nothing true about upgrading of waec result, these are antic used by fraudster to defraud gullible student, once result is realised online, there is nothing can be done to effect the changes.

What is waec result withheld, outstanding and cancel

Answer: These are issue associated with student waec result suspected to engage or involved in examination malpractice, which are under investigation.

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How do I obtain my original waec result?

To obtain your original waec result, you do the following:
For waec private candidate: visit the waec state office (i.e the state you sat for the exam)
For waec ssce candidate – Visit the school you sat for the exam to obtain it.

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