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Picture Making Paper 1 – Objective Test Questions
Picture Making Paper 2 – Essay or Theory Questions

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Sample Picture Making Exam Questions and answers for WASSCE


Objective Test
50 minutes
[40 marks]

Answer all the questions.

Each question is followed by four options lettered A to D. Find the correct option for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet, the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question.

An example is given below

In still life study, drawing are made from
A. imagination
B. irrational
C. memory
D. observation

The correct answer is observation, which is lettered D, and therefore answer space D would be shaded.

[A] [B] [C] [D]

Think carefully before you shade the answer spaces; erase completely any answer(s) you wish to change.

Do all rough work on this question paper.

Now answer the following questions.

WASSCE Picture Making Objective Trail Questions

1. Select a painter from the following artists
A. E Owusu Dietary
B. K. K Broni
C. Oku Ampofo
D. R. C. Ekem

2. Artists use horizontal lines in pictures to portray
A. anger and agitation
B. direction and movement
C. tension and confusion
D. tranquility and repose

3. A picture plan positioned vertically is technically to as
A. folio
B. landscape
C. portrait
D. quarto

4. One major characteristic of a newsprint is that, it is
A. highly absorbent
B. multicoloured
C. thickly coated
D. very smooth

5. Masking tapes are stretched over the edges of screen to
A. allow penetration of ink
B. allow squeegeeing
C. prevent printing ink from seeping
D. strengthen the edge of the screen

6. Which of the following state is true about direct and block prints?
A. both produce very sharp edges
B. Their textures are from natural objects
C. There are no designs on their surfaces
D. They are both types of relief printing

7. The process of printing with silk screens is
A. engraving
B. etching
C. lithography
D. serigraphy

11. Paint brushes are stored after use with the tip
A. downward
B. in lined oil
C. in soapy water
D. upwards

12. A still life is said to have variety when
A. All the objects have many colours
B. Most of the objects have shape and coloured
C. The objects are related and similar
D. The object differ in size, shape and colour

13. Which of these principles is employed to create visual tension in art?
A. Dominance
B. Rhythm
C. Opposition
D. Transition

14. Select a vehicle from the following options
A. Glue
B. Resin
C. Water
D. Wax

15. A picture maker employs ….. to make painting appear
A. dark and flat
B. flat and vibrant
C. realistic and smooth
D. solid and realistic

16. In painting, reflected light is usually the
A. colour of light that dominates
B. light from one object onto the other
C. point of greatest brilliance
D. receding mistle tune

17. Which of the following tools are correctly paired in respect of function?
A. Hand roller and palette knife
B. Hand roller and squeegee
C. Palette knife and squeegee
D. Squeegee and spatula

18. A major characteristic of glass mosaic is its
A. colour and mass
B. form and opacity
C. overlapping forms and colours
D. regular shapes and textures

19.A picture built on a flat board with pieces of veneer is termed
A. collage
B. Marquetry
C. Maroflags
D. Mosaic

20. The effect to light on the surface of object was the main focus of the
A. cubists
B. Expressionist
C. Fan vista
D. Impressionist

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Picture Making Essay/Theory Questions

2 hours
[60 mark]

Answer four questions only

Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material.

1a. Describe each of the following items used in Picture Marking studio
1ai. Dippers
1aii. Easel
1aiii. Donkey
1aiv. Nose guard. [8 marks]
1a. State one function of each of the items in (a) above [8 marks]
1c. Use a simple sketch to illustrate how a Picture Maker uses a nose guard in the studio. [3 marks]

2a. Explain Indigenous painting [3 marks]
2bi. State three type of indigenous painting in Ghana
2bii. State three ideas behind indigenous painting
2biii. List two tools and two materials used for indigenous painting
2biv. Identify two cultural values of indigenous paintings. [3 marks each]

3. Explain the following terms
3a. Line;
3b. Pen and wash;
3c. Bird’s eye view;
3d. Water based colours;
3e. Foreshortening; [15 marks]

4a. Explain the term Picture Making [3 marks]
4b. Outline five Socio-economic Importance of Picture Making [10 marks]
4c. List four products of Picture Making [2 marks]

5a. Explain the following terms in body art:
5ai. Coiffure;
5aii. Scarification;
5aiii. Tattooing. [9 marks]
5b. Describe any three forms of Coiffure. [6 marks]

6a. Define the term monochromatic painting [2 marks]
6b. Explain three benefits derived from paintings in Picture making [9 marks]
6c. Describe two ways of preserving paintings [4 marks]

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