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Catering Craft Practice Paper 2 – Theory/Essay Questions.
Catering Craft Practice Paper 3 – Objective Test Questions.

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National Examination Council NECO Catering Craft Practice Past Questions

NECO Past Questions on Catering Craft Practice

Catering Craft Practice PAPER III

Paper 3 will last 1 hour
Attempt all Questions from this section
Answer paper 3 on your objective test answer sheet,
Use HB pencil throughout.

NECO Objective Test Questions in Catering Craft Practice.

1. Which of the following foods is not processed ?
A. Milo
B. Flour
C. Flakes
D. Bread
E. Banana

2. The best way to deal with a customer who complains about poor service is 10
A. offer him Free drink.
B. make excuses.
C. inform the head waiter
D. discipline the waiting staff.
E. call the police.

3. Washing of hands is required in the following activities except
A. while eating.
B. before handling fresh food
C. after using the toilet.
D. after sneezing.
E. after handling garbage.

4. Which of the following is a nourishing drink?
A. Pineapple drink
B. Palm wine
C. Herbal mixture
D. Egg flip
E. Coffee drink

5. White wine is served ______ while red wine is served at room temperature
A. warm
B. plain
C. hot
D. fresh
E. chilled

6 Convenience foods are
A. stored in the fridge
B. pre-prepared and packed
C. packed and properly stored
D. dried in the sun
E. cooked and served

7. The internal edible organs of an animal is called
A. saddle
B. rump
C. offal
D. brisket.
E. breast

8. Which of the following is the duty of the food and beverage manager? He
A. takes order from guests and their friends
B. serves wine to seated guests.
C. is responsible for setting of tables.
D. ensures that set profit margins are met.
E. allocates rooms to guests on arrival.

9. Poisson is for _____ as giber is for game.
A. beef
B. fish
C. goat
D. lamb
E. vegetable

10. Which of these kitchen personnel’s is responsible for carving of joints?
A. Le trancheur
B. Le potager
C. Le chef de cuisine
D. Le boulongcr
E. L’aboyeur

You offered 8% discount to a customer to cater for his wedding party worth N800,000 00
Use the above information to answer ,questions 11 and 12

11. How much is the actual discount?
A. N640.000 00
B. N100,000 00
C. N64.000 00
D. N10.000 00
E. N4.000 00

12. How much do you expect the customer to pay?
A. N796.00000
B. N790.00000
C. N736.00000
D. N700.000 00
E. N156.000 00

13. Which of the following is a type of table cover
A. Silver
B. Gueridon
C. Family
D. Courier
E. Breakfast

14. The first step in creaming of a cake is mixing of margarise and
A. sugar
B. salt
C. milk
D. flour
E. egg

15. Cooking of flour and fat to brown sandy texture will cause the starch to
A. reduce in quantity
B. loose Its thickening property
C. loose its colour
D. have an oily burnt taste.
E. have a pleasant taste

16. Cocktails whose ingredients are wine based should be
A. tested
B. strained
C. stirred.
D. garnished.
E. fermented

17. Special checks for food order should be promptly signed by the
A. kitchen clerk.
B. head waiter.
C. head cashier.
D. guest.
E. announcer.

18. Which of the following cooking methods does not require the use of fat?
A. Stewing
B. Poaching
C. Grilling
D. Frying
E. Baking

19. The main use of knife in confectioneries is for
A. icing.
B. grating.
C. draining.
D. dicing.
E. creaming.

20 Which of the following is a first aid treatment for a cut?
A. Wash with salt solution
B. Cover with piece of cotton wool
C. Clean with hydrogen peroxide solution
D. Apply direct pressure on the cut
E. Apply acrifilarine solution on the cut

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Catering Craft Practice NECO Theory Questions

Catering Craft Practice PAPER II
This paper consists of two Sections: A and B.
Answer four questions in all; at least one from each section.
Write your answer in blue or black ink in your answer booklet.
All questions carry equal marks.

Catering Craft Practice Theory Questions – SECTION A

1(a) What is the full meaning of ODC in food service?
(b) Explain the following terms in relation to food and beverage area:
(i) Crumbing down
(ii) Food accompaniment
(iii) Catering
(c) Outline two qualities of a caterer’s clothes.

2(a) Mention three importance of a service salver in the Restaurant.
(b) Outline two possible signs of accident with shock and a first aid measure necessary for each.
(c) List six examples of cleaning equipment used in Catering establishment.

3(a) Explain the following culinary terms used in Catering:
(i) Bon appetite
(ii) Fricassee
(iii) Bread crumb
(iv) Caramel
(b) Enumerate four technical skills a waiter should carryout during food service.

4(a) Define the term hygiene.
(b) Explain two types of hygiene.
(c) State one function each of the following equipment:
(i) Bar liquidiser
(ii) Shaker
(iii) Strainer
(iv) Skewer

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