HEPRN Past Questions for Health Education Practitioners National Exam

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Department of Health, Safety and Environmental Education

Course Duration:
Three (3) Years

Entry Qualification:

Three (3) credits and two (2) passes at O’level WASSC or NECO in not more than two sittings to include
English Language,
Biology/Health Science and
any other two subjects.

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Health Edu Pract of Nig. National Exam

Final Exam List of Course Code/Title

01. Anatomy and Physiology 

02. Communicable and Non Communicable Diseases

03. Health Care Delivery System

04. Health Education Profession




Paper 1: Anatomy and Physiology
Instructions:   Answer any four questions;
Use pencil only for your diagram.

Time: 2 Hours

1a. Draw a well labelled diagram of human skeletal system.
1b. Identify five (5) functions of bones in the body.

2a. Mention eight (8) systems in human body
2b. Identify five (5) digestive organs and five (5) functions of digestive system in human body.

3a. Define balance diet.
3b. Give at least two (2) and example of each classes of food.
3c. Mention the function of each classes of food you know.

4a. Mention five (5) functions of mammalian liver.
4b. Identify five (5) digestive hormones and their action in human body.

5. Write short notes on the following
a. Oxygen and carbon dioxide
b. Urination
c. Digestion
d. Modula Oblongata
c. Metabolism

6a. With the aid of a well labelled diagram, discuss the function of teeth in the human body.
6b. Identify five (5) functions of muscles in the body.

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