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WAHEB Past Questions and Answers

WAHEB List Of Examinations.

June Examinations.

Higher National Diploma (Public Health Nursing).

Higher National Diploma (Environmental Health Technologist).

National Diploma (Environmental Health Technologist).

Release Of Results.
Results are released in November.

October Examinations.
Diploma (Environmental Health Technician).

Certificate (Environmental Health Assistant).

Release Of Results.
Results are released in March.

November Examinations.
Diploma (Health Education & Promotion).

Diploma (Food Hygiene).

Certificate (Food Hygiene).

Release Of Results.
Results are released in March.

WAHEB Syllabus.

Most students are asking for WAHEB syllabus.

However, it is worthy of note that the WEST AFRICA HEALTH EXAMINATIONS BOARD does not have syllabus.

Read your note and past questions and you should be prepared for WAHEB EXAMINATION.

How to Get WAHEB Past Questions.

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Date: Monday 8th October, 2018. Time Allowed: 2 Half Hours Time: 12.30 – 3.00pm

1.(a) Enumerate four (4) types of Food Regulated Premises found in your Country (4 Marks)
b. As an Environmental Health Technician, Explain eight (8) areas of Interest in food premises inspection (16 Marks)

2. In a tabular form, Identify ten (10) important lymph nodes in meat inspection and parts of the animal that each of them can be found. (20 Marks)

3. Explain the following component of an abattoir
a. Emergency slaughter Hall (5 Marks)
b. Hides and Skin Store (5 Marks)
c. Meat Inspection Office. (5 Marks)
d. Chilling and cooling room. (5 Marks)

4. a. State Five (5) Characteristics of Fresh fish that is fit for Human Consumption (5 Marks)
b. Explain three (3) common methods of fresh fish preservation in your community. (15 Marks)

5. Write note on the following:
a. Freezing (5 Marks)
b. Cross Contamination (5 Marks)
c. Food Poisoning (5 Marks)
d. Blown canned foods (5 Marks)

West Africa Health Examinations Board WAHEB Past Questions by Charles Obaleagbon on Scribd

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