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Government Paper 2 – Theory/Essay Questions.
Government Paper 3 – Objective Test Questions.

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NECO Past Questions on Government

Free NECO Questions on Government


Answer all questions.

Each question is followed by five options lettered A – E. Choose the correct option for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet, the answer space that bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question and erase completely any answer you wish to change. Do all your rough work on this question paper.

An example is given below.

Nigerian become a republic in
A. 1960
B. 1963
C. 1966
D. 1967
E. 1979

The correction option is “1963” which is lettered B. Therefore, answer space B would be shaded

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E]

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NECO Objective Questions on Government

1. In Nigeria, the civil service is an extension of the
A. embassy.
B. executive.
C. judiciary.
D. legislature.
E. ministry.

2. The concept of sovereignty was propounded by
A. Abraham Lincoln.
B. Baron de Montesquieu.
C. Frederick Engels.
D. Jean Bodin.
E. Karl Marx.

3. For a nation to possess the status of statehood, it must have gained political
A. dependence.
B. emancipation.
G. independence.
D. inter-dependence.
E. socialization.

4. Which of the following is not a determinant of legitimacy?
A. Adherence to rule of law
B. Foreign policy objective
c. Good governance
D. Periodic election
E. Political participation

5. The role of political culture is to set standard of ____for the people.
A. behaviours
B. ideas
C. laws
D. policies
E. practices

6. According to the Nigeria constitution, ministerial appointments by the president are subject to approval by he
A. House of Assembly.
B. House of Representatives.
C. National Assembly.
D. National Executive Council.
E. Senate.

7. Government as an academic field of study comprises the following disciplines except
A. international relation.
B. natural science.
C. political science.
D. public administration.
E. social science.

8.Political parties perform the following functions except
A. aggregate interest of members.
B. provide political education.
C. seek political power.
D. serve as link between the government and the people.
E. work with the military to gain power.

9. In multi-party state, a government is formed by two or more political parties.
A. coalition
B. fascists
c. feudal
D. gerontocratic
E. theocratic

10. The major disadvantage of a two party system is that it
A. disregards public opinion.
B. leads to coalition government.
c. leads to unhealthy rivalry.
D. provides political options.
E. rejects public opinion.

11. The party system adopted by a country is determined by the
A. constitution.
B. electoral body.
C. government in power.
D. political leaders.
E. ruling party.

12. One party system promotes
A. anarchy.
B. coalition.
C. democracy
D. dictatorship.
E. opposition.

13. Which of the following is an advantage of federalism?
A. Allows dictatorial government
B. Allows minority leadership
C. Component parts have succession rights
D. Ensures even development
E. Equal sharing of power among component units

14. State where powers are shared between the centre and component units operates a System of government.
A. confederal
B. federal
C. parliamentary
D. presidential
E. Unitary

15. Adoption of____ party system is most suitable for a heterogeneous state.
A. elite
B. multi
C. one
D. two
E. zero

16. Rates are collected in Nigeria by the
A. federal government.
B. geo-political zones.
C. local government council.
D. state government.
E. traditional council.

17. Which of the following is not a function of civil service ?
A. Advising the government
B. formulation of policies
C. Implementation of policies
D. Preparation of budget
E. Provision of essential services

18. The views of the people on a given socio-political and economic issues can be measured through
A. alignment policy.
B. opinion poll.
C. pressure group.
D. public- sensitization.
E. social status.

19. The governing board of a public corporation is usually headed by a
A, chairman.
B. commissioner.
c. director general.
D. honourable minister.
E. permanent secretary.

20. workers in government establishments are
A. ad-hoc staff,
B. administrators.
C. civil servants,
D. contract staff.
E. expatriates.

21. The removal of government control from public corporations is
A. commercialization.
B. deconcentration.
C. deregulation.
D. devolution.
E. privatization.

22. Public opinion enables government to
A. empower the citizenry.
B. execute its policies.
C. guarantee citizens’ freedom.
D. promote economic development.
E. protect life and property.

23. Which of the following is not a pressure group?
A. Academic Staff Union of Universities
B. All Farmers Association of Nigeria
C. National Party of Nigeria
D. Nigerian Medical Association
E. Nigerian Union of Teachers

24. In the Hausa/Fulani pre-colonial era, village heads were appointed by the
A. Galadima.
B. Hakimi.
c. Madaki.
D. Sarki.
E. Waziri.

25. Membership of pressure groups is usually limited because they
A. do not have dynamic leadership.
B. promote freedom of speech and association.
C. promote other people’s interest.
D. promote the interest of government.
E. pursue specific and narrow objective.

26. The objective of pressure group is to
A. educate people.
B. form government.
C. influence government policies.
D. support political party.
E. win elections.

27. In the pre-colonial Yoruba political administration, the ___was vested with power of impeachment.
A. Are-ona-kakanfo
B. Ilari
c. OnaEfa
D. OsiEfa
E. Oyomesi

28. The neutrality of anation to the ideologies of the super-powers is
A. imperialism.
B. independence.
c. inter-dependence.
D. neo-colonialism.
E. non-alignment.

29. The operational tool of any pressure group in the achievement of its goals is
A. campaign.
B. demonstration.
C. lobbying.
D. propaganda.
E. strike.

30. Rejection of state authority to ensure individual freedom will lead to
A. anarchy.
B. fascism.
c. gerontocracy.
D. nazism.
E. oligarchy.

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NECO Government Theory Past Questions

Answer five questions in all, two questions from section A
and three questions from section B


1(a). What is authority? (2 marks)

1(b). Explain five types of authority. (1 marks)

2(a). Define independence of the judiciary. (2 marks)

2(b). Discuss five ways the executive arm of government interfere with die independence of the judiciary. (1 marks)

3. Elucidate six conditions that can limit the sovereignty of a state. (12 marks)

4(a). What is political socialization? (2 marks)

4(b). Discuss five agents of political socialization in a state. (10 marks)

NECO Essay Questions on Government

Answer three questions from this section.

5. Examine six functions of the colonial governor in British West Africa. (12 marks)

6. Describe six structures of military rule in Nigeria. (12 marks)

7(a). What is political party? (2 marks)

7(b). Discuss five functions of political parties. (10 marks)

8(a). Mention six specialized agencies of the United Nations and their headquarters. (6 marks)

8(b). Discuss one primary duty of each of the six specialized agencies. (6 marks)

9. Highlight six advantages of interactions among nations of the world. (12 marks)

10. Explain six consequences of the Nigerian civil war. (12 marks)

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