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Christian Religious Knowledge Paper 2 – Theory/Essay Questions.
Christian Religious Knowledge Paper 3 – Objective Test Questions.

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NECO Past Questions on Christian Religious Knowledge

Christian Religious Knowledge PAPER III

paper 3 will last 1 hour
Attempt all Questions from this section
Answer paper 3 on your objective test answer sheet,
Use HB pencil throughout.

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NECO Objective Test Questions in Christian Religious Knowledge.

1. How many days did God spend in the work of creation?
A. Eight
B. Five
C. Four
D. Seven
E. Six

2. The first sin on earth was committed by
A. Adam and Eve.
B. Ahab and Jezebel.
C. Cain and Abel.
D. Hophni and Phinehas.
E. Jacob and Esau.

3. Before Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, he
A. consulted with Benjamin.
B. consulted with Pharaoh.
C. rebuked them for selling him.
D. sent out every other person.
E. wept for Benjamin.

4. When the people of Israel were thirsty in the wilderness, they reacted by
A. appealing to Moses to cry to the Lord.
B. asking Moses to strike the rock with his rod to bring water.
C. blaming Moses for their plight.
D. deciding to retrace their steps to Egypt.
E. planning to choose new leaders to take them back to Egypt.

5. Before the contest on Mount Carmel, Elijah demonstrated the supremacy of God by
A. condemning Baal prophets.
B. condemning idol worship.
C. cursing Ahab.
D. cursing Jezebel.
E. declaring drought.

6. After a serious search for his brothers, Joseph found them at
A. Dothan.
B. Egypt.
C. Gibeon.
D. Goshen.
E. Shechem.

7. What did the Israelite do when Moses went up to the mountain and delayed in returning?
A. Each of them slaughtered a bull
B. They called upon Aaron to make gods for them to worship
C. They held his brother Aaron hostage
D. They lost hope at his coming back
E. They cried of hunger

8. Joshua and Caleb were from the tribes of
A. Ephraim and Dan.
B. Ephraim and Judah.
C. Judah and Reuben.
D. Reuben and Dan.
E. Reuben and Ephraim.

9. At the time of the contest on Mount Carmel, the number of prophets of Asherah was
A. five hundred.
B. five hundred and fifty.
C. four hundred.
D. four hundred and fifty.
E. six hundred.

10. The immediate consequence of the failure of Eli in his parental responsibility was the
A. death of Saul and his sons.
B. death of Uriah.
C. defeat suffered by Israel in the battle and capture of the Ark of the Lord.
D. division of the kingdom.
E. exile of the Jews to Babylon.

11. Naboth refused to give his vineyard to Ahab because
A. Ahab was too greedy.
B. Elijah told him to refuse.
C. he wanted to cultivate the land.
D. Jezebel’s intervention was evil inclined.
E. the vineyard was the inheritance of his fathers.

12. “My father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions”. This statement was made by to the Israelites.
A. Ahab
B. David
C. Jeroboam
D. Rehoboam
E. Solomon

13. King Dairus took note of the excellent spirit in Daniel and distinguished him above all other presidents and
A. commissioners.
B. governors.
C. ministers.
D. satraps.
E. secretaries.

14. The following were the reformation carried out by king Josiah of Judah, except
A. building the temple for the worship of Baal and Asherah.
B. deposing all priests of Baal and Asherah.
C. destroying the entire houses of male cult prostitutes.
D. commanding the people to keep the Passover of the Lord their God.
E. repairing the temple of God.

15. At Gibeon, God promised to give Solomon riches, honour and
A. beautiful houses.
B. long life.
C. many children.
D. many wives.
E. victory in battles.

16. Which of the women was referred to as the Mother in Israel due to her enormous and courageous contributions to the religious and political life of Israel?
A. Anna
B. Deborah
C. Mary
D. Sarah
E. Zipporah

17. The name “Mattaniah” was changed to Zedekiah by
A. Gedaliah.
B. Ishmael.
C. Nethaniah.
D. Nebuchadnezzar.
E. Sargon II.

18. The Book of the Law used by Josiah for his religious reform was discovered by
A. Hilkiah.
B. Huldah.
C. Manasseh.
D. Micaiah.
E. Shaphan.

19. Jonah reacted to his predicament when he found himself in the sea by
A. contemplating drowning.
B. crying while in the belly of the fish.
C. boarding another ship.
D. praying to God while in the belly of the fish.
E. swimming courageously.

20. The king who deposed his mother because she had an abominable Asherah image was
A. Asa.
B. Jehu.
C. Omri.
D. Rehoboam.
E. Solomon.

Questions No 21-60 Omitted/Removed

Christian Religious Knowledge NECO Theory Questions

Christian Religious Knowledge PAPER II

This paper consists of two Sections: A and B.
Answer four questions in all;at least one from each section.
Write your answer in blue or black ink in your answer booklet.
All questions carry equal marks.

Christian Religious Knowledge Theory Questions – SECTION A



1(a). Narrate the circumstances surrounding the flight of Moses and how he
settled in the land of Midian. (9 marks)
(b) What three lessons can we learn from this episode? (6 marks)

2(a) Describe what Amos regarded as true religion. (3 marks)
(b) Outline any three social vices you can identify in your local community,state or nation. (6 marks)

(c) Suggest three ways of eradicating the vices. (6 marks)

Questions No 3 Omitted/Removed

CRS NECO Theory Questions – SECTION B


4(a) Give Matthew’s account of the call of the first four disciples of Jesus. (9 marks)
(b) State three reasons why Jesus required disciples. (6 marks)

5(a) Discuss the soldiers’ reaction to Pilate’s decision to deliver Jesus Christ to be crucified. (7 marks)

(b) List the four words of Jesus Christ on the Cross as recorded in the synoptic gospels. (8 mark)

Questions No 6 Omitted/Removed

Essay Questions on CRS – SECTION C.


7(a) Describe the event at Bethany which made Jesus speak of Himself as
the Resurrection and the Life. (9 marks)
(b) What three lessons can we learn from this declaration? (6 marks)

8(a) With reference to Paul’s letter to the Galatians, give a detailed account of his teaching on New Life in Christ. (9 marks)
(b) In what three ways can Christians uphold the teaching today?
(6 marks)

Questions No 9 Omitted/Removed

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