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CRS Exam Questions for SS1-3

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Download Free SS1 Christian Religious Studies C.R.S Objective/Theory Questions for second term
Link 1 C.R.S Exam Questions

Link 2 C.R.S Exam Questions

SUBJECT: Christian Religious Studies


CRS Objective Questions for SS1 Second Term

01. According to the epistle of the Galatians, being baptized into Christ means _____ 
(a) discrimination among races 
(b) descent from Abraham 
(c) putting on Christ like life 
(d) rising from companion 

02. According to Paul’s letter to the Galatians men cased to be slaves to the elemental spirit of the universe and became children of God after _____ 
(a) attaining manhood 
(b) becoming Christians 
(c) redemption by Jesus Christ 
(d) rejecting the righteousness of the law 

03.Christians become sons of God by _______ 
(a) being Abrahams descendants 
(b) being gentiles 
(c) the works of the law 
(d) adoption through faith  

04. The following are qualities of Gods children except ______ 
(a) love 
(b) hatred 
(c) kindness 
(d) humanity 

05. Which of the following groups represents the gift of the Holy Spirit? 
(a) utterance of wisdom and respects for elder 
(b) prophecy and interpretation of tongues 
(c) worthy of miracles and fervor prayers 
(d) going to church and fasting 

06. In making use of their individual talents St. Paul enjoyed Christians to 
(a) make others an are of their importance 
(b) think soberly according to the measure of their faith 
(c) act as if they were indispensable 
(d) deny others what they would gain from them 

07. In his metaphor of the body and the functions of the different parts, Paul in Corinthians emphasizes the individual’s ________ 
(a) rights 
(b) reward 
(c) pride 
(d) duties 

08. How many people did king Nebuchadnezzar say he saw in the furnance? 
(a) two people 
(b) three people 
(c) four people 
(d) five people
09. The people that reported Shedrack, Meshack and Abedinego to king Nebuchadnezzar were _______
(a) the ammonites 
(b) the Jews 
(c) Chaldeans 
(d) the satraps 

10. The faith and courage of Shedrack, Meshack and Abedinego made Nebuchadnezzar issue a decree that _______ (a) all men must worship his golden image 
(b) unbelievers must be thrown into the fiery furnance 
(c) the enemies of three Jews should be demoted 
(d) anyone who speaks against God should be destroyed     

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What Others are downloading Exam Questions for Senior Secondary School

SS1 Theory Questions on CRS Second Term


1a) Outline ten types of spiritual gifts. 
1b) Outline ten examples of talents. 

2a) Outline ten (10) duties of Nigerian citizenship to the government. 
2b) How are Christians the Children of God? Discuss.  

3a) Describe the faith of the three Hebrew men. State 2 significance. 

4a) Outline ten fruits of the Spirit. 
4b) Outline ten fruits of the flesh. 

5a) Mention five procedures in which man can obtain Salvation. 
5b) Salvation is by faith not by works. 

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