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Further Mathematics Scheme of Work for SS1-3

Further Mathematics Scheme of Work for SS1 First Term

Topic Outline for SS1 First Term

Indices and Logarithms
Linear Inequalities
Binary Operations
Sequence and Series


SS2 Further Mathematics Scheme of Work Second Term

Topic Outline for SS2 Second Term

Vectors in three dimensions I
Vectors in three dimensions II
Statistics (Probability)
Permutation and Combination
Pure Maths Surd II
Integration I
Statistics correlations
Pure Maths Inequalities

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Further Mathematics Scheme of Work for SS3 First Term

Topic Outline for SS3 First Term

Matrices and Determinant
Partial Fraction
Probability and Distribution and Approximation


Complete SS1 Further Maths First Term SOW

SS1 F/Maths Scheme of Work First Term that entail Weekly 1 – 11 topic Outline, Activities (Teacher and Student) Teaching Materials in a tabular format.

I. Definition of set  
II. Set notation methods  
III. Types of set:
Null set
Power set
Number of elements
i. Teacher: Guides the students to define the types of sets and their notation.  
ii. Students: use different methods to present sets.
Instructional Resources: charts of sets using the different methods of notation etc.
i. set operations  
b. intersection  
c. Venn diagrams and applications up to 3 set problem
Teacher: guides students to draw Venn diagrams and how to use them to solve problems.  
Students: solve problems involving set operations and Venn diagram.  
Instructional Resources: charts of different operations and of 2-set, 3-sets Venn diagram etc.
i.  laws of indices  
ii. application of indices  
iii. Indicial equations
Teacher: Drills the students on calculations involving the use of the laws of indices  
Students: study the steps in solving indicial equations.
Instructional Resource: charts on laws of indices and solutions of indicial equations etc.
i.  laws of logarithms  
ii.  change of base of logarithms
Teacher: Drills the students on problems involving the laws of logarithms
Students: solve problems involving the use of the laws.
Instructional Resources: charts of the laws of logarithms and the rule of change of base of logarithms illustrated with examples etc.
5COORDINATE GEOMETRY(The straight line I)
i.  Midpoint of a line segment
ii.  Gradient of a straight line
iii.  Distance between two points
Teacher: guides the students to determine the distance between two point.
Students: determine problems on the straight line.
Instructional Resources: charts on various ideas on the straight line etc.
6COORDINATE GEOMETRY (The straight line II)
i.  Conditions for parallelism and perpendicular  
ii. Equation of a line
Teacher: leads the students to determine the condition for parallelism and perpendicularity.
Students: derive the equation of a line in different forms.  
Instructional Resources: c harts of equation of a line in different form.  
7COORDINATE GEOMETRY (The straight line III)
i.   Transforming non-linear relationship into linear form.  
ii.  Areas of triangles and quadrilaterals.
Teacher: guides students to determine the areas of triangles and quadrilaterals where the coordinates of the vertices are given.  
Students:  transform relations into linear forms.
Instructional Resources: charts of transformed relationship etc.
i.  Definition of surds
ii.  Rules for manipulating surds
iii. Rationalization of the denominators of surds
Teacher: guides students to the rules for manipulating surds
Students: work on examples on rationalizing the denominator
Instructional Resources: charts of the rules for manipulating surds.
i.  Trigonometric Ratio of 30o, 45o and 60o
ii. Application of trigonometric ratio 30o, 45o and 60o to solve problems without the use of tables.
Teacher: guides students to derive trigonometric ratios of 30o, 45o and 60o  
Students: derive trigonometric ratios of 30o, 45o and 60o.
Instructional Resources: plane figures of right-angled triangles showing angles of 30o, 45o and 60o
i.The truth table  
ii.Using p or q, p and q (pvq; p^q)
iii. P=>q, p<=>q   iv. Rule, of syntax, simple true or false statement.
Teacher: guides the students to construct truth table.
Students: solve practical problems involving the truth table.
Instructional Resources: Charts showing examples on truth table.  
Instructional Resources: charts showing examples on truth table.
i.Rules of logic application to argument
ii. Implication and deduction.
Teacher: leads the students on the rules of implication and deduction  
Students: solve problems on antecedents and consequences of statements  
Instructional Resources: charts showing conditional statements.

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