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Did you apply for admission into the Faculty/College of Medical Science? Are you eligible for University of Jos Admission Screening Exercise, also know as UNIJOS Post UTME?

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we at stcharlesedu.com has compiled all UNIJOS Post UTME Past Questions for all Department in the Faculty of Medicine from 2014 – till date

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UNIJOS Post UTME Subject Combination for Medicine.

What are the Subjects written in UNIJOS Post UTME for Medicine.

The subjects you will write in University of Jos Post UTME is same subjects you wrote in Jamb.

What others are downloadAll School POST UTME Past Questions

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University of Jos Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine Free Download

University of Jos
University of Jos Bauchi, Plateau State, Nigeria
1st Batch. Time: 1 hour 30

Question Paper for Faculties of MEDICINE AND SURGERY,

1. The process in which internal environment of an organism is maintained is called
A. Co-ordination
B. Homeostasis
C. Excretion
D. Metabolism

2. Which of the following is the hardest material in the body of animals?
A. Cartilage
B. Bone
C. Enamel
D. Dentine

3. Nerve endings are located in which part of the tooth?
A. Crown
B. Cement
C. Pulp Cavity
D. Crum

4. One of the major differences between DNA and RNA is that
A. DNA is made of ribose sugar and double standard unlike RNA
B. DNA is made of ribose sugar and single standard unlike RNA
C. RNA is made of ribose sugar and double standard like DNA
D. RNA is made of ribose sugar and single standard unlike DNA

5. in which of these associations is much harm done to one of the partners?
A. Symbiosis
B. Commensalisms
C. Parasitisms
D. Mutualism

6. The average rate of heart beat in an adult human being is?
A. 70 beats per minute
B. 71 beats per minute
C. 72 teats per minute
D. 73 beats per minute

7. ____ is a responsible for the direction of growth and development of the
A. The nucleus
B. The DNA
C. The Neuron
D. The RNA

8. The chromosome number in man is?
A. 46
B. 23
C. 92
D. 58

9. The following are formed in the bone marrow except?
A. Platelets
B. Basophiles
C. Granulocytes
D. Lymphocytes

10. Which of the following is not an organ?
A. leaf
B. heart
C. kidney
D. bone

11. Which of the following produces both hormones and enzymes?
A. pancreas
B. ileum
C. gall bladder
D. kidney

12. The part of the central nervous system concerned with answering an examination question is the?
A. Spinal Cord
B. Cerebellum
C. Oryx
D. Cerebrum
E. Medulla oblongata

13. The organ through which nourishment and oxygen diffuse into an embryo is called?
A. Amnion
B. Choroid
C. Umbilical cord
D. Oviduct
E. Placenta

14. A tapeworm fasten itself to the intestine of its host with?
A. Neck & sucker
B. Hooks & suckers
C. Kostellum & suckers
D. Proglottis & neck
E. Rostellum hooks & suckers

15. The three important organs that are situated close to the stomach are:
A. Liver, kidney & gall bladder
B. Pancreas, liver & kidney
C. Gallbladder, pancreas & spleen
D. Liver, kidney, spleen
E. Kidney, gall bladder, liver

15. The movement of molecules from a region of higher concentration to one of lower concentration is?
A. Diffusion
B. Transportation
C. Osmosis
D. Plasmolysis

17. Which or the following is not an excretory organ?
A. lungs
B. kidney
C. leaf
D. large intestine

18. The part of the mammalian brain responsible for maintaining balance is?
A. medulla oblongata
B. cerebellum
C. optic lobe
D. cerebrum

19. The blood vessel which carries digested food from the small intestine to the liver is the?
A. Renal vein
B. Renal artery
C. Hepatic artery
D. Hepatic portal vein

20. Which of the following hormones is produced during fright or when agitated?
A. Insulin
B. Adrenalin
C. Thyroxin
D. Pituitary

21. Partially digested food ready to leave the stomach is called?
A. chyme
B. curd
C. glycogen
D. paste

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