Mock Past Questions for Primary 5, 6 – Common Entrance Exam

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A mock examination is a test which serves as a drill or practice for future exams

The purpose of mock exam is to give candidates fresh ideas on the kind of questions to expect during the main exam and also to motivate them in stepping up their preparation towards it.

Mock Common Entrance questions for Primary Six,

Past Questions for Primary 5/6 Mock Exam – The Benefit

– It serve as an effective form of Exam preparation.
– Used to test what one already knew.
– it give one confidence to be stress free on the day of the actual exam.
– Reassurance of Academic Progress, (Erasion of Examination phobia).
– Help to alleviate Exam anxiety.

Download Mock Examination Questions for Primary 5 or 6

The Follow Basic 5 or 6 Mock Examination Questions Paper Available for Download in Ms-Word/Pdf

Category A
For First School Leaving Certificate Placement Examination

  • mock past questions primary 6 six placement exam
  • mock past questions common entrance exam ncee
Lexis and Structure
General Literature

05 Obj
35 Obj
10 Obj
Computer Studies
Social Studies
Basic Science
Basic Technology
Physical and Health Education
Home Economics
Civic Education
50 Obj


Category B
For Common Entrance Examination

Basic Science
Physical and Health Education
Basic Technology
Computer Studies

05 Obj
05 Obj
05 Obj
05 Obj
Comprehension (Passage I and 2)

10 Obj
10 Obj
20 Obj
Social Studies
Civic Education
Security Education

10 Obj
07 Obj
03 Obj


Quantitative Aptitude
Vocational Aptitude

40 Obj
10 Obj

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Mock VA Past Questions
Mock VA Past Questions

Online Free Past Questions for Primary six 6 Mock Exam


  1. _ is the movement of blood round the body.
    A. Circulatory System
    B. Digestive System
    C. Excretory System
    D. Reproductive System
  2. The movement of the earth round the sun is called __ of the earth.
    A. Eclipse
    B. Harmattan
    C. Revolution
    D. Solar
  3. One of the following is not a male reproductive organ.
    A. Penis
    B. Scrotal Sac
    C. Testes
    D. Uterus
  4. _ is the process whereby seeds grow into seedlings.
    A. Colouration
    B. Germination
    C. Measurement
    D. Reaction
  5. The following are types of teeth EXCEPT one.
    A. Canines
    B. Incisors
    C. Jaw
    D. Molars
  6. Energy from the sun is
    A. Chemical energy
    B. Nuclear energy
    C. Power energy
    D. Solar energy
  7. A state of preventing ourselves from danger or harm is __
    A. Accident
    B. Cloud
    C. Pressure
    D. Safety
  8. The following are drawing instruments EXCEPT one.
    A. Compasses
    B. Ruler
    C. Tee square
    D. Spoon
  9. __ is the keeping of our things in good conditions, so that they can serve us longer.
    A. Development
    B. Duration
    C. Importation
    D. Maintenance
  10. _ and _ are the two types of pulleys.
    A. Fixed and movable
    B. Joint and lever
    C. Opener and spanner
    D. Screw and movable
  11. All ball games involve the use of .
    A. Ball
    B. Basket
    C. Baton
    D. Table
  12. __ is all about caring and considering our needs and limits so that we can prevent health difficulties.
    A. Personal belongings
    B. Personal choice
    C. Personal health
    D. Personal wealth
  13. The process of powering and starting a computer system is called _
    A. Booting
    B. Crashing
    C. Closing
    D. Shutting
  14. The following are sources of information EXCEPT one.
    A. Computers
    B. Magazine
    C. Radio
    D. Shot put
  15. _ is used for storing information.
    A. Book drive
    B. Flash drive
    C. Gadget
    D. Projector
  16. _ is a device which makes work easier.
    A. Machine
    B. Magnet
    C. Pressure
    D. Rain gauge
  17. _ is an unwanted material.
    A. Cabbage
    B. Carrot
    C. Cucumber
    D. Refuse
  18. Health education teaches us the ways to take care of the
    A. Car
    B. Break
    C. Body
    D. Horn
  19. __ gives us energy
    A. Carbohydrate
    B. Fats and oil
    C. Protein
    D. Vitamin
  20. __ is a source of vitamins
    A. Beans
    B. Cassava
    C. Fruit
    D. Yam
  21. __ is NOT a track event
    A. Long Jump
    B. Sack Race
    C. 100 meters race
    D. 200 meters race
  22. _ is a firm network of bones and joints
    A. Bones
    B. Body
    C. Skeleton
    D. Skull
  23. Which of these is an example of a long bone in the human body?
    A. Chest Bone
    B. Finger Bone
    C. Thigh
    D. Toe Bone
  24. __ is the ability to produce young ones
    A. Excretion
    B. Movement
    C. Respiration
    D. Reproduction
  25. The following are the Types of rocks EXCEPT
    A. Igneous rock
    B. Metamorphic rock
    C. Saltic rock
    D. Sedimentary rock

Answers to Mock General Paper Exam Questions

  1. A
  2. A
  3. D
  4. B
  5. C
  6. D
  7. D
  8. D
  9. D
  10. A
  11. A
  12. C
  13. A
  14. D
  15. B
  16. A
  17. D
  18. C
  19. A
  20. C
  21. A
  22. C
  23. C
  24. D
  25. C

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