Best Insurance Company in Nigeria and Their Function

There are several insurance company in Nigeria and below is a list of few of the well known and trustworthy best insurance company in Nigeria amidst of the many.
Most of them are commonly business insurance, but quite a exceptional of them provide both life and non-life policies.

Best Insurance Company in Nigeria and their various function/Duties

I. A&G (Alliance and General) Insurance : Deals more in life Assurance.
II. Acen Insurance Company: They issue both life and non-life policies.
III. Adic Insurance: They offer personal, Life Insurance, Car and Home.
IV. African Alliance Insurance Company Ltd. : Deals in life Insurance etc
V. Aiico Insurance Plc : Deals in Life Insurer and General Insurance.
VI. Consolidated Hallmark Insurance: They are technology-driven.
VII. Continental Reinsurance: Makes transactions with Life and Non-life Reassurance business.
VIII. Cornerstone Insurance PLC : Offers services around modern realities.
IX. Crusader Insurance PLC
X. Custodian Life Assurance Ltd: Deals more in life assurance.
XI. Equity Assurance Plc: They deal with insurance underwriting.
XII. Equity Life Insurance Co. Ltd: Deals in Life Insurance.
XIII. FBNInsurance: Deals with underwriting Insurance._ A.R.M life Insurance: Deals with life Insurance.
XIV. Goldlink Insurance Co Ltd: They are capitalized insurance companies. They deal with life and General insurance.
XV. Goldlink Insurance: Deals in capitalized Insurance Companies.
XVI. Guaranty Trust Assurance Plc
XVII. Industrial And General Insurance Plc (IGI): Deals in life and in business insurance.
XVIII. International Energy Insurance Plc.
XIX. Law Union and Rock Insurance Plc.
XX. Leadway Assurance Company Limited: Deals more in relationships assurance and motor insurance.
XXI. Linkage Assurance Plc.
XXII. Mutual Benefit Plc.
XXIV. NEM Insurance Plc: Deals with Life and Non-Life business.
XXV. Niger Insurance Plc: Deals more in general business and life insurance.
XXVI. Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)
XXVII. Oasis Insurance Plc.
XXVIII. Oceanic Insurance Limited: Deals in Life Assurance.
XXIX. Old Mutual Nigeria Life Assurance Ltd.: Deals more in Life Assurance.
XXX. Prestige Insurance Brokers Ltd.: Deals in business insurance.
XXXI. Royal Exchange Assurance (Nigeria) Plc.
XXXII. Sovereign Trust Insurance
XXXIII. Standard Trust Assurance Plc ( STACO).
XXXIV. TansGlobal Insurance Brokers: Deals in Business Insurance.
XXXV. UNIC Insurance: They provide securities.
XXXVI. Unity Kapitol Assurance PLC:
XXXVII. WAPIC Life Assurance Ltd: Deals in Life Assurance.
XXXVIII. Zenith Assurance Company: Deals more on making an innovative product.

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