How to Change Date of Birth on NYSC Portal During Registration Using WAEC Verification Pin


How to Change Date of Birth on NYSC Portal During Registration.. This post is written to give hope to Prospective Corps Member (PCM) who does not know how to go about making correction to wrong date of birth in their NYSC online mobilization dashboard.

For you to be able to resolve this issue, carefully go through all the step, as outline in this post.

1. Your must had successful submitted your online NYSC application form , for the Change of Date of Birth Link to become active.
2. WAEC Verification Pin with Unique 19 or 20 Digits.
3. WAEC Examination Number.

How To Change Date of Birth On NYSC Portal Using WAEC Details.

01. Get the WAEC Verification Pin from us or Fist Bank.
02. On your web browser, visit the official NYSC Portal
03. Click on the Login Link.
04. Type in your PCM username (email address used during sign up) and password.
05. Click on Resume.
06. To Change your date of Birth, click on the link “Change D.O.B (WAEC)”.
07. Type in your WAEC Verification Pin
08. Select the WAEC Exam Type. for GCE, External or Nov/Dec Candidate Exam, Select WASSCE for Private Candidate
while for Internal Candidate Exam, Select WASSCE for School Candidate.
09. Select the Year you took the exam. it range from 1980 till date
10. Type in your Examination number (it is made of 7 digits that comprise of your center number and seat number.
11. Click on Place Request then confirm the new date of birth you intend to change into.
12. If okay, then click on Update Date of Birth. A message will show indicating ” Request has been submitted for approval.
13. Click on close and Log out.
14. Each day, login into NYSC Portal to check if your request has be approved, it normally take Two to Five days.

How to Verify if NYSC Change of Date of Birth Has be Approved.

01. visit this link on your web browser
02. as the page finished loading, click on the link Login Here.
03. Enter the email address and the password you used to signup in nysc portal.
04. Click on Resume.
05. Click on the Link Print Slip.
06. Once it finished loading, confirm if the date of birth Information has be change or approved.

The WAEC you are expected to use should be the one prior to admission
The WAEC Verification Pin help to change your NYSC date of birth to the one on your WAEC Certificate.

How Long Does it Take to Change Date of Birth On NYSC?

From the experience i have witness so far, it take a minimum of 2 days and a Maximum of 7 days, if all info are valid and meet up the criteria.

Which Date of Birth Does NYSC Use?

The first date of birth you see on NYSC portal during registration, is the date of birth pre loaded from the information you gave to jamb during registration which you used to secure your admission into higher institution.

Youtube Video – How To Do NYSC Change of Date of Birth

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