How to Reduce PDF File Size Using ABBYY FineReader without Losing Quality

In this Article, we are going to learn how to reduce a PDF file size (sometimes called optimize PDF or compress PDF) without losing quality, using ABBYY FineReader.
In this section, you’ll use the Save Page as Images command to dramatically reduce or compress the size of a PDF file in black and White with out losing quality.

How to Reduce PDF File Size Using Abbyy FineReader – Step-By-Step Guide

Follow this step-by-step instructions to reduce a pdf file in Abby FineReader
01. Click on the Start icon > All programme > Abby FineReader 12 Folder > Abby FineReader 12 Application.

02. From the file Menu, Click on the option Open PDF file or Image, Short Cut key is Ctr+O.
How to Reduce PDF File Size Using ABBYY FineReader

03. Click on the button Options..
04. Select the tab, Scan/Open, Uncheck Automatically process pages as they are added.
How to Reduce PDF File Size Using ABBYY FineReader
05. Click on the ok button to return back.
06. Locate where the pdf file you want to retrieve and reduce was store/saved.
07. Open the file by double clicking on it, or just click on it, then click on the button open and wait for the file to finished loading.
08. Revisit the file menu, select and click on Save Pages as Images.
ABBY Fine Reader PDF Compress
09. Brows and select the location you want to save the file.
10. on the option file names: type in the name you choose to save the file, for this lesson let use the file name Project 2.
11. on the option save as type: Select the option “TIFF, Black and White, LZW Compression (*.tif;*.tiff)
Use this option if want your final out put of the pdf file to be in black and White.
12. Check the option: save as multi-page image file.
ABBY Fine Reader PDF Compress

13. Click on save, and wait for it to finish saving especially if it is a large file.

14. Revisit the file menu again and click on it.
15. Select and click on the option “New finereader Document

a message box will appear asking if we want to save the changes being made, click on the button No.

16. Click on open or press the short cut key (ctr+o), locate and select the pdf document you save in tif format i.e Project 2.
17. Double click on it to open, or select it and click on the button open.
18. Now head straight to the file menu and click on it,
19. Select and click on “Save Pages as Images“,
on the option file name: type in the file name “Project 3
on the option save as type. Select “PDF (*.pdf)
check on “Save as multi-page image file
ABBY Fine Reader PDF Size Reduction

20. Click on save.

The Image Below show the reduction of the pdf file size as it passes through difference format pdf – tif – pdf

ABBY Fine Reader PDF Size Reduction

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