EBSU Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine and Surgery PDF Download with Answer

Are you in the Faculty of Medicine, eligible for Ebonyi State University Admission Screening Exercise, Also know as EBSU Post UTME,

If yes, you need the EBSU Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine and Surgery, to enhance your preparatory skills in readiness to the exam.

we at stcharlesedu.com has compiled all EBSU Post UTME Past Questions for all Department in the Faculty of Medicine from 2014 – till date

This past questions will give you an over-view and nature of the exams.

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EBSU Post UTME Subject Combination for Medicine.

What are the Subjects Written in EBSU Post UTME for Medicine.

The subjects you will write in Ebonyi State University Post UTME is same subjects you wrote in Jamb.

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Question Paper for Faculties of MEDICINE AND SURGERY,

1. Which of the following is a characteristic of non-living things?
A. Ability to produce young ones of their kind
B. Ability to respond to 16. stimuli
C. Inability to respond to stimuli
D. Ability to respire.

2. Which of the following is not concerned with water cycle?
A. Condensation
B. Evaporation
C. Respiration
D. oxidation.

3. Which of the following belongs to the third level of a food chain?
A. Producer
B. Tertiary consumer
C. Decomposer
D. Secondary consumer.

4. Which of the following has an open circulatory system?
A. cockroach
B. man
C. Rat
D. Monkey.

5. The parts of the vascular bundle that are responsible for the respective transportation of food and water are
A. cambium & phelloderm
B. meristem & phellogen
C. xylem and phloem
D. phloem and xylem.

6. Erepsin converts
A. protein to pepton
B. protein to polypepetide
C. Polypeptide to amino acide
D. polypeptide to peptone.

7. The longest bones of the body is
A. ulna
B femur
C. radius
D. ossicle

8. Which of the following has no backbone?
A. squid
B. Tilapia
C. Frog
D. Snake

9. Fehling reagent is use to test for
A. reducing sugars
B. Protein
c. Non-reducing sugars
D. fats.

10. Which of the following is not connected with transportation? A. Red blood cell
B. plasma
C. white blood cell
D. cytoplasm

11. The structure above represents
C. chromosome
D. gene

12. The part labellel II represents
A. protein strand
B. glucose
C. cytosine
D. phosphate

13. The highest hierarchy of classification is
A. kingdom
B. phylum
C. class
D. species

14. Which of the following is prokaryotic
A. Homosapien
B. Panicum maximus
C. Treponema pallidum
D. Galusdomestica

15. The male organ of a bryophyte is known as
A. sporangium
B. antheridium
C. archegonium
D. prothallus.

16. The removal of the petal of a flower will affect A.photosynthesis
B. Pollination
C. germination
D. respiration.

17. The structure above represents
A. cervical vertebra
B. thoracic vertebra
C. lumbar vertebra
D. coccyx.

18. The parts labeled I, II, & III are respectively
A. transverse process, neural spine & centrum
B. spine, centrum & transverse process
C. neural arch, neutral canal & spine
D. acetabulum, obturator, foramine& spine.

19. Yeast makes flour rise by the production
A. CO2
B. H20
C. O2

20. Which of the following is not an excretory material?
A. CO2
B. Urine
C. faeces
D. sweat

Ebonyi State University Post-UTME Past Answer

1. C
2. D
3. D
4. A
5. D
6. C
7. B
8. A
9. A
10. C
11. A
12. D
13. A
14. C
15. B
16. B
17. C
18. B
19. A
20. C

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