NOUN B.A English Past Questions PDF Download – ENG, LIN, JLS Level 100 to 400

Download Now! B.A English ENG Past Question for National Open University NOUN.
B.A English is one of the Arts Programme in the Department of Languages in the Faculty of Art.

The programmes help students to develop a firm foundation in analytical thinking to be able to interpret the signs of the times.
it aims at broadening one academic horizon by enhancing your intellectual understanding of the humanities, and equipping you with necessary skills to meet contemporary challenges.

NOUN B.A English Admission Requirements

1. Admission available for 100 Level and 200 Level
2. A minimum of 5 credits in O’ levels.
3. Compulsory courses required in O’levels are Mathematics, English Language and English Literature
4. Any other relevant courses in O’levels

For Admission into 200 Level
5. Diploma with a minimum of Upper credit in English Language OR
6. Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) with a major in English Language and a minimum grade C

Programme Duration.
Undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Arts is for a minimum of eight and maximum of sixteen semesters; for direct entry a minimum of six and maximum of 12 semesters.

NOUN Courses for B.A English

Outline of Course Structure for B.A English

See below list of English Programme Courses Past Questions Available for Download.

NOUN Past Questions for English Language.

100 Level First Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleLevelSemester
GST101Use of English & Communication Skills I1001
FRE101Basic French Grammar I1001
LIN111Introduction to Linguistics I1001
ENG181Introduction to Fiction1001
ENG141Spoken English1001
ENG161Theatre Workshop1001
ENG113Introduction to Nigerian Literature I1001
ENG111An Introduction to Literature and Literary Criticism1001
ENG121Structure of Modern English I1001
CSS111Introduction to Sociology1001
CIT101Computers In Society1001

LIN 122 Exam Past Questions for 100 Level

100 Level Second Semester

GST102Use of English & Communication Skills II1002
FRE102Basic French Grammar and Composition II1002
LIN112Introduction to Linguistics II1002
ENG151Introduction to English as a Second Language1002
ENG122Structure of Modern English II1002
ENG114Introduction to Nigerian Literature II1002
ENG162Elements of Drama1002
CIT102Software Application Skills1002

JLS111 Exam Past Questions for Noun for 200 Level

200 Level First Semester

JLS111Introduction to Journalism2001
ENG241Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology2001
ENG223Advanced English Composition 12001
ENG221Introduction to Syntactic Models2001
ENG211History of the English Language2001

200 Level Second Semester

MAC212Media and Society2002
ENG226English Morphology2002
ENG222Advanced English Syntax2002
ENG281The African Novel2002
ENG224Advanced English Composition II2002
ENG212Creative Writing I2002

300 Level First Semester

ENG312Creative Writing II3001
ENG311Research Methods3001
ENG353English Language in Nigeria3001
ENG351Introduction to Applied Linguistics3001
ENG321Contemporary English Usage3001
ENG355Introduction to Sociolinguistics3001

ENG 331 Past Questions for 300 Level

300 Level Second Semester

ENG316Communication for Business3002
INR332War and Peace in West Africa since 19603002
ENG352Discourse Analysis3002
ENG341The Phonology of English3002
ENG314Public Speaking3002
ENG331Introduction to Semantics3002

NOUN ENG 419 Past Questions for 400 Level

400 Level First Semester

ENG421New Trends in Syntax4001
ENG453Language and National Development4001
ENG411English for Specific Purposes4001

400 Level Second Semester

ENG434Literary Stylistics4002
ENG418Project/Long Essay4002
ENG416Creative Writing III4002
ENG414Speech Writing4002

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