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To help reduce the workload We have compiled all JSS 3 Past Exam Questions from First Term – Second term, and last JSS 3 Final Exam BECE Past Questions and Answer to serve as a reference material to help teachers set tests and examination questions.

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Free JSS 3 Basic Science Past Questions 1st Term

1. Which of the following symbols of elements is not properly matched?
(a) magnesium Mn (b) aluminum Al (c) hydrogen H (d) lithium Li.

2. Which of these disease is sexually transmitted?
(a) malaria (b) dysentery (c) Aids (d) cholera.

3. Which of the following compounds has the chemical formula ____ H2o?
(a) soap (b) salt (c) water (d) sugar.

4 _______ is a substance that contain two or more constituents which are physically combined together and can be easily separated by physical method.
(a ) element (b) mixture (c) compound (d) atom.

5. is an example of a reflex action.
(a) sneezing (b) swimming (c) fighting ((d) learning.

6. which of the following is not a solid mineral?
(a) petroleum (b) iron (c) Tin (d) copper.

7. Which of the following is not a part of reflex acr?
(a) intermediate neurone (b) effectors (c) motor neurone (d ) skull.

8 _______ is a substance which contains two or more elements chemically combined together.
(a) element (b) mixture (c) compound (d) molecule.

9. ________ is a substance which cannot be split into other simpler forms b an ordinary chemical process.
(a) element (b) mixture (c) compound (d) atom.

10. Which of the following is not a type of soil?
(a) humus soil (b) sandy soil (c) clay soil (d) loamy soil.

11 The central nervous system is composed of ______ and __________.
(a) brain; spinal cord (b) brain peripheral nerves (c) brain spinal cord (d ) brain; skeleton.

12 One of the following is not a defect _____
(a) astigmatism (b) river blindness (c) myopia (d) short sightedness.

13 Which f the following is not a mixture.
(a) air (b) soil (c) water (d) urine.

14 The combining power of the atoms of any element is known as _______.
(a) valency (b) chemical (c) formulae (d) symbol.

15 One of the following is not a reflex action.
(a) walking (b) eye blink (c) heart beat (d) sneezing.

Basic Science Theory Questions for JSS 3.

Answer Number One Question And Any Other Two

1a. List the first twenty element according to atomic number and their symbols.
b. Calculate the molecular mass of sodium trioxocarbonate (iv) Na2co3 (give: Na=23 c = 12 o = 16
c. What is reproductive health.

2a. Draw the structure of the following element; Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Neon, Sodium and Chlorine.
b. State the five main processes of digestion ad explain any two you know.
c. Explain nervous system.

3a. State five types of minerals found in Nigeria aand where they are located.
c. Define the following terms; mineralogy, mining, soil ad minerals.

4a. State three types of soil and explain them.
b. State two properties each.
c. Define the following terms’ weathering formation of soil, atom and air.

5a. List the seven parts of human brain.
b. Explain an two you know.
c. Define metabolism.
d. List four types of STI.

Free JSS 3 Mathematics Past Question 2nd Term

Download JSS 3 Past Exam Questions Paper in PDF

Every Student at this level of JSS 3 (Upper Basic), offer the following core subjects,

1. English Studies

2. On major Nigeria Language (Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba)

3. Mathematics

4. Basic Science & Technology
– Basic Science
– Basic Technology
– Computer Studies/ICT
– Physical & Health Education.

5. Religion and National Values
– Social Studies
– Civic Education
– Security Education
– Islamic Religion Knowledge
– Christian Religious Knowledge

6. Pre-vocational Studies
– Agricultural Science
-Home Economics

7. Cultural & Creative Arts

8. French

9. Business Studies

10. Arabic Language (optional)

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