JSS3 JUNIOR NECO Past Questions and Answers PDF Free Download

JSS3 Junior NECO Past Questions and Answer pdf free Download… Are you a Student intending to write NECO Junior School Certificate Examination (JSCE)? Then you need to arm yourself prepared for the exam as this post is all about it.

The Neco Junior School Certificate Examination (JSCE) is a type of standardized test taken in Nigeria.

It is administered by NECO (National Examination Council), and is usually taken by junior students who wish to proceed to the Senior School certificate (SSCE) class.

A candidate is expected to enroll for a minimum of 10 subjects and a maximum of 13 Subject.

A candidate is deemed to have passed the JSCE if he/she has passes in 6 subjects including English Languages and Mathematics.


Why You Need Junior NECO Past Questions and Answers.

  • It is one of the best way to prepare for a certificate examination.
  • Using the past question to study for the exam, enable one to figure out, what he/she really know and donot know.
  • it explain the nature of the exam and give one advantage over others who donot have it.

Do NECO Repeat Past Questions for Junior NECO Exam

The answer is YES! Since the JSS3 NECO syllabus still remain the same, there is every tendency that they will reset previous exam questions. Make sure you obtain your junior neco exam question and answer.


Download Junior NECO Past Questions Sample

Click to Download a free sample copy of the Past Certificate Examination Questions Paper.


List of  Subject Available for JSS3 Junior NECO Past Questions

English Language.
Basic Science.
Agricultural Science.
Social Studies.
Christian Religious Studies.
Business Technology.
Home Economics.
Physical & Health Education.
Cultural and Creative Art.
Computer Science.
Civic Education.


How to Buy Junior NECO Exam Past Question and answer

To get the complete copy of the Past Questions

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