Free JSS 3, 2, 1 Mathematics Past Questions in PDF 1st, 2nd, 3rd Term Download.

Do you want to download JSS 1, 2, 3 Mathematics Exam Past Questions ? Are you looking for Junior Secondary School JSS 1 – 3 Past Questions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Term Exam Paper on Maths.

Then your search end here.

Before a student is promoted into the next class, he/she is expected to pass Mathematics as a subject.

Most student do fail or perform below expectation, as a result of this, we have compiled Mathematics Past questions for JSS 1-3 for student preparing for the subject exam.

The JSS 1,2, 3 Maths exam past questions and answer were compiled to served as a reference materials and to help student in revision, test and exam preparation.

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Download JSS 1 Mathematics Past Questions

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TIME ALLOWED: 1 Hour: 30 Mins

Mathematics Objectives Questions for JSS 1

1. Find the coefficient of 10P
(a)12/2 (b) 2x/10 (c)4x (d)none of the above

2. Find the approximate of N8.8billion
(a)N1.0billion (b)10billion (c) N16billion (d) N8billion

3. Simplify x + 5=10, find x
(a)x=-5-10 (b)x=10 (c)x=5 (d)x-10

4. Find the simple equation of 6x+5=2x+13
(a)x=8 (b)x=-8-4 (c)x=8/4=2 (d)x=2

5. Find the nearest hundred of 20,664 (a)20,600

7. Subtract 234 and 45 to base 2
(a) 204 (b)189 (c)819 (d)24 and 45

7. Add up x=2 and 2. Find the value of x
(a)x=+3 (b)x=4 (c)x=2 and 4 (d)4x

8. Multiply with algebraic terms
Yx11xY (a)11x-y (b)x=11xy (c)11xy^2 (d)11×x×y

9. Add up = 6 and 6 (a)14 (b)36 (c)12(d)40

10. Find the nearest thousand in 14,505
(a)16,000 (b)15,000 (c)14,500 (d)14,400

Theory Questions for Mathematics JSS 1

Answer any FOUR questions

1. Simplify x-20 and find x

2. Multiply 224 and 24 to base 2 number. Use the step 1 and 2.

3. Find the value of the number if 8 goes to the box +3 =

4. Divide the term of algebraic 14a/7

5. Simplify and express the equation 18y÷9+5y+3 x 4y

6. Multiply and express 2x and 3

7. Find the simple equation 7y and 2 = 2y and 8 find y

JSS 2 Mathematics Past Question free Download

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TIME ALLOWED: 1 Hour: 45 Mins

Theory Questions for Mathematics JSS 2


1i. Write the following in full figure
(a)3.02 x 103 (b) 72×105 (c) 3.2356 x 104 (d) 3×10-4.

ii. What is the place value of 3 in the following.
(a) 13256 (b) 728 (c) 3014720 (d) 20035

2i. Write the following standard forms
(a) 200 (b) 32045 (c) 70006 (d) 5 billion.

ii. A book has 350 pages and it is 25cm thick.
Calculate the thickness of one leaf (i.e 2 pages) of the book.

3a. What are prime factors
b. Find the H.C.F of 144, 180, 240 and 300
c. Find the L.C.M of 36, 45, 60 and 90

4a. Find the smallest by which 162 will be multiplied to make it a perfect.
b.Listing prime factor without method, find the square root 256.
c.Also find the square root of (a) (b)

5a. A man shares 260 plots of land among his four children in ratio of 1:2:2:3. How many plots does each get?
b.Express the following as decimal (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

6a. Iyabo bought 50 pineapples at N50.00 each and sold all for N3100 calculate the profit on the 50 pineapples.
b. A man bought 20 dozens of eggs at N90 a dozen and sold them at N120 a dozen. Find his gain percent.

JSS 3 Maths Past Questions Download

JSS 3 Theory

1.Simplify the Following

(i) 2(3a – 5b) + 5(2a – 3b)
(ii) (y + x) 2 – 2xy
(iii) 13p – (6p – 3q)
(iv) 2x + 3 / 6 – x/6

2. Factorize the following Algebraic Expression
(i) 5n – mp – 5n + pn
(ii) 9 – 4m2

3. Given that v = 1/3 pie r2h mark r the subject of the formula

3a. if x = 2 and y = 4 find X2 + root of Y

4.If 5a – 2b = 14 and 2a + 2b = 14 what is the value of
(i) a + b
(ii) a 2 + b 2

5. R varies directly with the square of d if R is 5 and d = 8 find
(i) The relationship between R and d
(ii) The value of R when d =10
(iii) The value of d when R = 4

NOTE: Some equation, square root, and diagram will not load up or will be missing in the online version.

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