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Are you writing Senior School Certificate Examination SSCE in May/June also know as WAEC, if yes, you need the WAEC Marketing Past Question and Answer to enhance your preparatory skill in readiness to the exam.

we at stcharlesedu.com has compiled all the Marketing past question and answer from 2015 – till date.

This past questions will give you the over-view and nature of the exams.

Past questions will not only help you know the likely questions but you will understand the nature of the examination.

our research has confirm that candidate that uses past questions to prepare for examination is ten times better than those who do not.

WAEC Past Questions on Marketing Free Download

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Free waec past question and answer on marketing Easy and Theory

Free Marketing Exam Question for SS1-3

WAEC Marketing Theory Question Sample


1(a) State five importance of middlemen in marketing.
(b)Explain five factors that can determine the type of channels of distribution to be used by a company.

2(a) What is a warehouse?
(b) Describe any three types of warehousing.
(c) State six functions of a warehouse

3(a) Explain the following:
(i) consular invoice
(ii) waybill

(b) Explain seven factors that will influence the place Tochukwu will locate his grocery business.

4(a) Explain five stages in marketing planing
(b) State five uses of feedback in marketing research.

5(a) What is merchandising?
(b) Mention four merchandising activities.
(c) State seven functions of merchandising.

6. State five importance of e-marketing to:
(a) an organization;
(b) a consumer:

WAEC Marketing Objective Question Sample


1.The selling of goods in small units is normally performed by
A, distributors,
B, wholesalers,
C, retailer’s.
D. brokers,

2. A storage facility that uses advanced material handling system under the control of a central computer is

A. a public warehouse,
B. an automated warehouse.
C. a distribution warehouse.
D, a storage warehouse,

3. The way in which a product is delivered to meet the customers’ need is
A. new product concepts,
B. selling concepts.
C. advertising activities.
D, distribution activities.

4. The process of encouraging consumers to buy products at retail outlets is
A. advertising.
B. publicity.
C. merchandising.
D. distribution,

5. Another term for marketing is
A. direct marketing.
B. internet marketing,
C. electronic banking.
D. electronic purchasing,

6. A document that accompanies goods in transit is a
B, waybill.
C, bill of sight.
D. credit note,

7. Marketing concept means
A. buying and selling to customers,
B. selling and distribution to customers.
C. satisfying customers’ needs and wants.
D. advertising and promotion to customers

8. Meeting customer expectation regarding the quality a product is
A. customer satisfaction.
B. customer excellent.
C. customer loyalty,
D. customer value.

9. Which of the following channels of distribution will be used by a company that wants to have control over its price?
A. Manufacturer — Consumer
B. Manufacturer — Agent — Consumer
C. Manufacturer — Wholesaler — Retailer—Consumer
D. Manufacturer —Agent —Retailer -—* Consumer

10. Which of the following is not an element of the marketing mix?
A. Place
B. Packaging
C. Price
D. Product

11. Competitive price in marketing is arrived at by
A. considering competitive demand for the product.
B. adding mark-up to the cost price.
C. setting price in relation to competitors’ price.
D. adding margin to the best price.

12. Marketing is defined as
A. buying and selling to customers.
B. selling and distribution to customers.
C. meeting customers need profitably.
D. Advertising and promotion to customers

13. A product by an organization for use in Carrying out a business is
A. an industrial product.
B. a specialty product.
C. a consumer product.
D. a convenience product.

14. Which of the following cannot be used to identify a product?
A. Trade mark
B. Trade name
C. Pricing policy
D. Package

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