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WAEC Physical Education PHE Past Questions

WAEC PHE Objective Questions

Use HB Pencil throughout.
Each questions is followed by four option lettered A to D. find the correct option for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet, the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen.

Give only one answers to each questions.

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Physical Education Paper I Objective Test Question.

01. The following values are associated with sports except
A. Security
B. friendship
C. socialization
D. cooperation

02. The Olympic torch represents
A. unity and power
B. unit and understanding
C. symbol of Olympic spirit
D. symbol of Olympic loyalty

03. Which of the following statements is not associated with the rules of the Olympic Games?
A. Non possession of criminal records
B. Non usage of illegal means to win
C. Ability to win at the competition
D. Competitor must be a bonafide citizen

04. Recreational facilities do not include
A. swimming pool
B. library
C. amusement park
D. beach.

05. An example of non recreational activity is
A. drinking alcohol
B. canoeing
C. walking
D. playing chess

06. The pair of traditional sports used in welcoming heroes and heroines in West Africa are
A. basketball and wrestling
B. dance and wrestling.
C. hockey and dance
D. tennis and dance

07. Which of the following factors greatly affect sports development in West African countries?
A. Weather
B. Education
C. Politics
D. Age

08. In a tennis game, if the server has three points and the receiver has two points, the score is
A. 40 – 30
B. 40 – 45
C. 30 – 15
D. 30 – 20

09. Knockout as a method of elimination in sporting activities is used where there
A. are many event
B. are many teams
C. is one team
D. is one event

10.Which of the following statements Is not an importance of National Sports festival?
A. Encouragement of moral decadence
B. Opportunity for socialization
C. Promotion of national unity
D. Identification of talents

11. Membership of All-Africa Games is limited to
A. Non-English speaking countries in Africa.
B. English speaking countries in Africa
C. Independent Countries in Africa.
D. Commonwealth Countries in Africa

The diagram below illustrates an activity In first Aid care. Study It and answer questions 12 and 13

12. The person labeled II is the
A. pattern
B. student
C. supporter
D. victim

13. The type of accident the person labelled II could have had is
A. shock
B. strain.
C. fracture
D. sprain.

The diagram below illustrates a postural defect. Study it and answer questions 14 and 15.

14.The defect Illustrated in the diagram is
A. kyphoxis
B. scoliosis
C. knock knees
D. hollow hack

15. Which of the following factors could cause the defect illustrated in the diagram
A. Strengthen the back muscles
B. Poor sitting posture
C. Overweight
D. Insomnia

16.Engaging in physical exercise could lead to
A. increase in size of the muscles
B. increase in size of the stomach
C. decrease in blood circulation
D. decrease in bone density

17.Which of the following substances would not aid adenosine triphosphate (ATP) replenishment?
A. Hydrogen
B. Oxygen
C. Phosphate
D. Lactic acid

18. The mineral that regulates actions of the muscles and nerves is
A. iodine
B. iron
C. calcium.
D. potassium

19. The plane that divide* the body into right and left parts is
A. sagittal.
B. frontal
C. coronal
D. horizontal

20.The movement of the arm away from the body is
A. flexion.
B. rotation.
C. abduction.
D. pronation.

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