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WAEC Computer Studies Objective Past Questions


1. The first calculator was built by
A. Marie Jacquad
B. Blaise Pascal
C. Charles Babbage
D. John Napier

2. A similarity between data and information is that both
A. can be displayed on the monitor
B. are computer inputs
C. are processed facts
D. are computer results „

3. The computer hardware can be classified into
A. ALU and Control Unit.
B. System Unit and Peripheral
C. Central Processing Unit and Control Unit
D. Input and Output Units

4. The outcome of a processed data in a computer is known as
A. raw Tact
B. information
C. database
D. computer result

5. Which of the following devices is not a micro Computer?
A. Notebook
B. Laptop
D. Desktop

6. Which of the following computing devices did not exist in the pre-computing age to the 19th Century
A. Napier’s bone
B. Abacus
D. Slide Rule

7. The computing devices invented by Charles Babbage are
A. Difference-Engine and Abacus
B. Analytical Engine and Slide Rule
C. Abacus and Slide Rule
D. Analytical and Difference Engines

8.In a computer, the sets of instruction that direct it in performing a particular task is called
A. information
B. program
C. data
D. file

9. The property of a disk that determines file amount of data it may contain is ?
A. size
B- volume capacity
C. storage
D. storage power

10. Which of the followng items best describes the hardcopy?
A. Print opt fh Wfitterilbn a hard board
B. Information stored on a hard disk
c. Writter on a Hard board
D: Amount of data

11. Which of the following is not an output deviee? :
A. Plotters
B. Speakers
C. Projectors
D. Webcams

12. Which of the following signifies the correct association between a hardware component and its
A. Mouse to input
B. Monitor to print
C, GPU to storage
D. Hard disk to processing
Fig 1 is a logic gate. Use it to answer questions 13 and 14.

13. Fig 1 represents
A. an AND gate
B. an OR gate
C. a NOT gate
D. a NAND gate

14. In Fig 1, X, Y and Z respectively represent
A. input, output and input signals
B. output, output and input Signals
C. output, input and output signals
D. input, input and outpu| signals

15.Which of the following software is best suitable for keeping records during national population
A. Word Processing
B. Spread fast
C. Graphic
D. Database

16. A major function of system software is
A. collection of files
B. translation of machine language into machine code
C. file management
D. arrangement of files in ascending order

17.An advantage of Graphical User Interface IGUI) over Disk Operating System (DOS) is that it allows the
use of
A. diskette
B. keyboard
C. mouse
D. monitor

18. Which of the following methods is not suitable for seeming files?
A. Use of back up
B. Use of antivirus
C. Saving documents without a password
D. Proper labeling of storage devices

19. Which of the following programming languages needs no translator for it to run?
A. High Level Language
B. Low Level Language
C. Machine Language
D. Assembly Language

Fig 2 is a System Development Cycle Use it to answer questions 20 to 22.
20. The path labeled I is the
A. system design
B. system implementation
C. study review
D. feasibility study

21. The path labeled II is the
A. system design
B. system implementation
C. study review
D. feasibility study

22. The path labeled III is the
A. system design
B. study review
C. system implementation
D. feasibility study

WAEC Computer Studies Theory Past Questions


1a. Match each type of ICT in Table 1 with its relevant communication sector
ICT TYPE |Communication Sector
Statellite |communication Radio
Broadcasting |Internet
Data netwrok |GSM
Telectommunicaiton |Video Conferencing
1b. List three computing devices that belong to each of
(i) 19th; and
(ii) 20th century periods

2a. List (i) three application areas of a word processing program; (ii) three types of data item
2b. Identify the four data types available in Table 2.

Student ID| Name | Date of Birth |Score in Computer Studies | Gender
A00022 | Odi.G.A | 13/10/97| 38 |M
C00021 |Zakari, M | 15/05/98| 71 |M
B00023 |Ngozi Tella | 16/09/96| 62 |F

3a. (i) Define Information and Communication Technology
(ii) State three uses of information and communication Technology in the banking sector
3b. State the full meaning of the following
(i) LAN;
(ii) GTS;

4a. List three criteria that are used in classifying file
4b. State (i) two advantages and two disadvantages of computer files
(ii) three methods of file security

5a. Define programming language ,
5b. Write the following mathematical expressions in BASIC notation.
(i) x(w + y)z (ii)ab/cd (iii) p = 2 (l + b)
5c. Write a simple BASIC program to calculate the area
(A) of a rectangle with lengfh (L) and breath (b).
5d. List two levels of programming language

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