WAEC Biology Objective Past Questions and Answer in 2023

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Biology 1 – Objective Test Questions
Biology 2 – Essay or Theory

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waec biology objective questions and answers

WAEC Biology Objective Questions

Answer all the Questions
Each question is followed by four options lettered A to D. Find out the correct options for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet, the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you Chosen. Give only one answer to each question. An example is given below

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Which part of the grill of fish is involved in gaseous exchange?
A. Gill slits.
B. Grill bars.
C. Gill covers.
D. Gill filaments

The correct answer is Gill filaments, which is lettered D and therefore answer space D would be shaded.
[A] [ B ] [C] [ D ]

Think carefully before you shade the answer spaces; erase completely any answer you wish to change.

Do all rough work on this questions paper.

Now answer the following question

  1. Which of the following organelles is common to both plant and animal cells?
    A. Cellulose cell wall
    B. Chlorophyll
    C. Cell membrane
    D. Large vacuole

The diagrams below are illustrations of different sections of a particular fruit. Study them and answer questions 2 and 3. [Download the free Biology WAEC past questions in pdf below to see image]

2. The sections in X and Y respectively, are
A. longitudinal and transverse.
B. transverse and longitudinal.
C. cross and transverse.
D. transverse and cross.

3. The fruit that has the illustrated sections is a
A. hesperidium.
B. capsule.
C. drupe.
D. cypsela.

The diagram below is an illustration of a fungus. Study it and answer questions 4 to.6. [Download the free Biology WAEC past questions in pdf below to see image]

4. The structure labelled I is associated with
A. sexual reproduction.
B. asexual reproduction.
C. bud formation.
D. gamete formation.

5. The structure labelled II is the
A. spore.
B. stolon.
C. columella.
D. sporangium. ‘

6. Which of the following statements about the structure labelled III is correct? It
A. secretes digestive enzymes into the substrate
B. absorbs mineral salts from the soil
C. forms the root hairs of the organism
D. develops into stolon

The diagram below is an illustration of a living organism. Study it and answer questions 7 and 8. [Download the free Biology WAEC past questions in pdf below to see image]

7. The level of organization of the organism is
A. tissue.
B. cell.
C. organ.
D. system.

8. The organism belongs to the Phylum
A. Rhizopoda.
B. Ciliophora,
C. Euglenophyta.;
D. Rhodophyta.

9. A plant cell placed in a solution with a higher water potential will
A. expand and’then shrink.
B. enlarge and become turgid.
C. expand and then burst.
D. decrease in size and become flaccid.

10. Offspring formed by sexual reproduction exhibit more variation than those formed by asexual reproduction because
A. greater amount of DNA is involved in sexual reproduction.
B. gametes of parents have different genetic composition.
C. genetic materials come from parents of two different species.
D. sexual reproduction is a lengthy process.

Likely Biology Objective Questions

11. Radius and ulna are bones of the
A. pectoral girdle.
B. upper arm.
C. pelvic girdle.
D. lower arm.

12. The blood vessel which carries blood from the alimentary canal to the liver is the
A. hepatic arteiy.
B. hepatic vein.
C. hepatic portal vein.
D. mesenteric artery.

The diagram below is an illustration of the longitudinal section of a mammalian organ.
Study it and answer questions 13 and 14.

13. Which of the labelled parts is the cortex?
A. I

14. What is the main, function of the organ?
A. Excretion
B. Respiration
C. Reproduction
D. Locomotion

15. Detoxification of urea takes place in the
A. pancreas.
B. heart.
C. liver.
D. testes.

16. Which of the following hormones is suddenly secreted into the bloodstream of a frightened person?
A. Insulin
B. Adrenaline
C. Thyroxine
D. Parathormone

17. The temperature control centre in mammals is located in the
A. skin.
B. hypothalamus.
C. pituitary gland.
D. adrenal gland.

The diagram below is an illustration of a type of eye defect in humans. Study it and answer questions 18 and 19.

18. The eye defect illustrated in the diagram is
A. hypermetropia.
B. astigmatism.
C. presbyopia.
D. myopia.

19. The eye defect can be corrected by the use of
A. convex lens.
B. concave lens.
C. bifocal lens.
D. cylindrical lens.

20. How many gametes are produced in the pollen grain of a flowering plant before fertilization?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

21. Which of the following organisms does not undergo incomplete metamorphosis?
A. Locust
B. Grasshopper
C. Butterfly
D. Cockroach

22. An enzyme reaction may begin to decline when
A. the optimum temperature is attained.
B. the pH of the medium is altered.
C. there is an increase in substrate concentration.
D. the atmospheric pressure is altered.

The diagram below is an illustration of the-growth of a plant in a water culture. After a few days, the solution turned green and the plant died. Use it to answer questions 23 and 24.

23. What precaution should have been taken to prevent the solution from turning green?
A. Use a non-green plant for the experiment
B. Aerate the solution daily
C. Cover the culture vessel with opaque paper
D. Keep cotton wool around the seedling to make it dry

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