Past WAEC Biology Theory Questions and Answer in 2023

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waec biology theory essay questions and answers

WAEC Biology Theory Questions in pdf


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Answer two questions only from this Section

What other are downloading WAEC Past Questions

1.       A sample of human blood was put in a test tube and allowed to spin in centrifuge. The        components of the blood sample were clearly separated.

          (a)       List the four main components of blood that would be in the test tube

[4 marks]

          (b)       Name the component of the blood that

                    i.        Would form the top layer in the test tube

                    ii.       Destroys pathogens

                    iii.       is biconcave in shape

                    iv.       would be relatively low in a haemophilic condition;

                    v.        is produce in the bone marrow

                    vi.       is a thrombocyte

                    vii.      is nucleated

[7 marks]

          (c)       Mention three chemical substance transported by the blood component name in (b)(i)

[3 marks]

          (d)       List four disease associated with blood                                                       [5 marks]

          (e)       Explain briefly why a diseases of blood could be dangerous                          [2 marks]

2.       (a)       What is dentition in animals?                                                                                   [2 marks]

          (b)       Describe briefly the generalized structure of a tooth in animals.                   [6 marks]

          (c)       List three food substances that plants manufacture from glucose.                [3 marks]

          (d)       Make a diagram 6cm to 8cm long of an experimental set-up to show that oxygen is                    produce during photosynthesis.

                      [9 marks]

3.       (a)       Complete the table below by placing each of the following organism under the                          appropriate heading.

                    Algae, Bacteria, Dog, Water Lettuce, Tadpole, Cat, Lemna, Waterleaf, Mucur,             Mushroom


          [10 marks]

          (b)       i.        Name four product of decomposition.                                              [4 marks]

                    ii.       Mention three roles of decomposer on a refuse dump.            [3 marks]

          (c)       List three mammals found in a refuse dump which would not be affected by the                   medium of decomposers.

[3 marks]

4        (a)       Complete the table below by naming five wildlife animals in West Africa and one                  body part each that makes them endangered because of the activities of Human

AnimalOne body part that make animal endangered

          [10 marks]

          (b)       State three effects each of the following factors on the conservation of natural                             resources

                    i.        Poor economy of a nation                                                                [3 marks]

                    ii.       Poaching                                                                                         [3 marks]

          (c)       State four roles played by the Government in conservation of natural resources

[4 marks]

WAEC Biology Essay Questions


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