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nabteb physics past questions

NABTEB Past Questions on Physics

(130 Marks)

Time: 2 hours 45 minutes

This paper consists of two sections: A and B. Section A is Objective and Section B is Essay.
Section A comprises 50 Objective questions which should be answered by all candidates in 50 Minutes;
Section B consists of five Essay questions out of which candidates are expected to answer four in 1 Hour 30 Minutes.

NBC/NTC Physics Objective Questions

Time: 1 Hours 15 Minutes
(50 Marks)

1. Which of the following is a fundamental unit?
A. Metre per second
B. Newton
C. Kilogram per cubic metre
D. Second

2. The relative density of acid in a car battery can be measured with a
A. hydrometer
B. manometer
C. hygrometer
D. barometer

3. Determine the value of the reading on the instrument below
A. 8.50mm
B. 4.69mm
C. 4.40mm
D. 3.70mm

4. Which of the following will reduce the surface tension of a liquid?
I. Alcohol
II. Oil
III. Detergent solution
A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. II only
D. I, II and III only

5. Determine the acceleration of the motion represented by the velocity-time graph below
Images missing
A. 80ms-2
B. 10ms-2
C. 5ms-2
D. 3ms-2

6. The pressure of a gas supports 0.7m of mercury of relative density 13.3. What is the height of water column which the gas pressure will support?
A. 0.70m
B. 1.90m
C. 9.31m
D. 19.00m

7. During an Olympic game, a sprinter made one lap round a 400m track in 30 sec. Find the average velocity of the sprinter.
A. 7.5×10-2W-1
B. 0.0ms-1
C. 13.3ms-1
D. 1200.0ms-1

8. A mass of 30g is hung at the 20cm mark of a uniform metre rule which is pivoted at the 40cm mark. Calculate the weight of the metre rule.
A. 10g
B. 15g
C. 27g
D. 60g

9. The density of water is highest at
A. -4°C
B. 4°C
C. 0°C
D. 100°C

10. Which change(s) can alter the boiling point of water?
I. Increasing the volume of water
II. Increasing the external pressure
III. Increasing the quantity of impurities

A. I only
B. II only
C. Hand III only
D. I, II and III only

11. Calculate the resultant force of the forces in the diagram below
diagram missing
A. 5.5N
B. 10.2N
C. 11.7N
D. 18.9N

12.The centripetal force F experienced by an object of mass m moving with a linear velocity v in a circle of radius r is expressed as
A. F = mr2/v
B. F = mv/r
C. F = mv2/r
D. F = mv2/r2

13. A graduated cylinder is filled with water to 40.5m3. When a piece of copper was dropped into the cylinder, the water level rises to 63,9m3. Calculate the mass of the copper pieces if its density is 8.9kg/m3.

A. 8.8kg
B. 23.4kg
C. 40.5kg
D. 208 3kg

14.A machine with a velocity ratio of 20, moves a load of 2100N with an effort of 150N applied to it. What is the efficiency of the machine?
A. 35%
B. 60%
C. 70%
D. 80%

15. A force of 15N acts for 15sec on an object. Calculate the resulting change in momentum produced by the body.
A. 30 Ns
B. 150 Ns
C. 225 Ns
D. 600 Ns

16.The linear expansivity of brass is 2 x10-5/0C. If the volume of a piece of brass is 12cm3 at 0°C, what will be its volume at 100°C?

A. 12.027cm3
B. 12.072cm3
C. 12.079cm3
D. 12.082cm3

17. A block of ice 2kg absorbs heat energy from its surrounding and changes into water at the same temperature. The heat absorbed is referred to as
A. latent heat of fusion
B. specific heat capacity
C. specific latent heat of fusion
D. latent heat of vaporization

18. Which of the following statements is not true about evaporation?
A. Evaporation takes place at all temperature
B. Evaporation takes place on the surface of a liquid
C. Addition of 5gm of salt into a litre of water stops the evaporation of water
D. it takes place faster under reduced pressure

19.The length of a metal rod is 110cm at 0°C. Calculate the temperature at which the final length is 119.5cm
(Coefficient of linear expansivity of metal = 0.00002°C-1)
A. 4318.2°C
B. 4200.0°C
C. 3678.2°C
D. 2560.7°C

20. The difference between conduction and radiation of heat is that
A. conduction requires a material medium to transfer heat while radiation does not
B. conduction does not require material medium to transfer heat while radiation requires
C. conduction molecules vibrate randomly while in radiation they do not
D. radiation molecules vibrate about their mean position while conduction molecules are static

21. Instrument for determining the upper fixed point of a mercury-in-glass thermometer is
A. pressure cooker
B. pure melting ice
C. hypsometer
D. calorimeter

22.150g of hot water at 85°C is added to 250g of cold water at 25°C. Calculate the final temperature of the mixture (Neglect heat absorbed by the container).
(specific heat capacity of water 4.2Jg-1k -1 ).
A. 30.0°C
B. 47.5°C
C. 55.0°C
D. 60.0°C

23. At room temperature, a piece of iron feels colder than a piece of wood because
A. wood is a better conductor and losses heat faster
B. iron is a better conductor and losses heat faster
C. iron is an insulator
D. wood is stronger than iron

24.The ice and steem points of an ungraduated thermometer are found to be 198mm apart. What temperature is recorded in °C when the length of the mercury thread is 59.4mm above the ice point mark?
A. 30.0°C
B. 33.3°C
C. 35.0°C
D. 37.0°C

25. The instrument used to measure the temperature of the human body is called
A. Thermometer
B. Clinical thermometer
C. Resistance thermometer
D. Thermocouple

26. What is the quantity of heat needed to raise the temperature of 60g of steel from 25°C to 75°C. (specific heat capacity of steel – 400-J/kpk)
A. 1.20×103J
B. 1.80×103 J
C. 1.32×103 J
D. 1.82×103 J

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NABTEB Physics Theory/Essay Questions

Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Answer four questions in all.
All questions carry equal marks.

1.(a) Explain the term work.

(b). Draw a labelled diagram of a pulley system with a velocity ratio of 5.

(c). A man pulls up a box of mass 70kg using an inclined plane of effective length 4cm onto a plate form 2.5m high at uniform speed. If the frictional force between the box and the plane is 100N, draw the diagram of all the forces acting on the box in motion and calculate the

(i) minimum effort applied in pulling up the box.
(ii) velocity ratio of the plane
(iii) mechanical advantage of the plane
(iv) efficiency of the plane
(v) energy lost in the system
(vi) work output of the man
(vii) total power developed by the man given that the time taken to raise the box onto the platform is 50s (g = 10m/s2).

2.(a)(i) Explain how audible beats are formed.
(ii). What is meant by the critical angle of medium?
(iii). Show by a ray diagram how a right angle glass prism may be used to turn a ray through 180°.

(b). Explain with the aid of diagram how a concave mirror could be used to ignite a:
(i). piece of carbon paper
(ii). produce an exact copy of a picture on a screen.

(c). A stationery siren emits a note of frequency 440Hz as a train moving with a speed of 30m/s approaches. Calculate the frequency of the emitted note that would be received in the train, (speed of sound wave = 331 m/s).

(d). A light of wavelength 6.0×10-5cm is made to illuminate a grating of 600lines per cm. Find the angle to the normal at which the first order image is produced.

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