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General Metal Work Section A – Objective
General Metal Work Section B – Essay

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General Metal Work NABTEB Questions

General Metal Work Past Questions for NABTEB SSCE


(100 Marks)

Time: 2 hours 40 minutes

This paper consists of two sections: A and B. Section A is Objective and Section B is Essay.
Section A comprises 40 Objective questions which should be answered by all candidates in 40 Minutes;
Section B consists of five Essay questions out of which candidates are expected to answer five in 2 Hours.

NBC/NTC General Metal Work Objective Questions

Time: 40 Minutes
(40 Marks)

1. The person to be notified in the workshop in case of an accident is the
A. principal
B. student
C. instructor
D. doctor

2. Long excess materials, tools and equipment should be kept properly to allow
A. unfree environment
B. free movement of personnel and materials
C. free movement of rats and cats
D. running around in the workshop

3. Non-ferrous metal’s property can be improved by
A. polishing with sand
B. . cold, forging
C. alloying
D. painting

4. The following are non-ferrous metals except
A. rubber
B. plastic
C. grey cast iron
D. aluminium

5. Copper is used for the following except
A. cables
B. container
C. electricity
D. galvanize

6. For producing aircraft, duralumin is one of the materials used because it is
A. fast
B. bright
C. light
D. fine

7. The material used to make hacksaw blade is
A. mild steel
B. low carbon steel
C. medium carbon steel
D. high carbon steel

8. The odd-leg calliper is also called
A. angle calliper
B. dogsharp leg calliper
C. jenny calliper
D. jiney calliper

9. The sawing and cutting of metal on the bench is known as
A. bench work
B. workbench
C. sawing bench
D. cutting bench

10. In drilling operation, the part of the drill that allows escape of chips is called
A. sleeve
B. lip
C. shank
D. flute

11. Drilling machine part constitute the following except
A. spindle
B. gems
C. table
D. column

12. The part which may be raised, lowered on the stem of the drilling column is the
A. table of pillar
B. spindle
C. handle
D. pulley

13. The following are causes of drill breakage except
A. too little lip clearance
B. dull drills
C. sharpen drill
D. the speed of the machine not selected

14. Bolts and nuts are used as
A. butt joints
B. permanent joints
C. rivet joints
D. temporary joints

15. Studs, cotter pins and wiring nuts are examples of
A. soldering device
B. permanent joints
C. fastening devices
D. screws and nuts

16. The sketch below is known as
A. buttress thread
B. square thread
C. acme thread
D. isometric thread

17. Forging is divided into the following processes except
A. drop forging
B. smith forging
C. machine forging
D. hand forging

18. The smith assistant used which of these tools during forging?
A. Fullers
B. Sledge hammer
C. Handie
D. Hand hammer

19. The blacksmith forged best fuel is
A. electricity
B. gas
C. kerosine
D. coke

20. Burax is used during forging to prevent
A. fusion
B. melting
C. oxidation
D. subsudation

21.The process whereby the diameter of a bar is increased at the expense of the length is known as

A. reducing the diameter
B. upsetting
C. increasing the diameter
D. drawing down

22. What is the part labelled X in the anvil shown above called?
A. Base
B. Beak
C. Face
D. Working table

23. The lathe machine size is estimated by
A. capacity of the electric motor
B. length and the maximum swing
C. size of the head stock
D. size of the tail stock

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NABTEB General Metal Work Theory Questions

Time: 2 Hour
Answer five questions in all.
All questions carry equal marks.

1. State two safety rules each under the following headings:
(a) Tools and equipment
(b) Welding
(c) Machine shop.
(d) Personal safety

2.(a)(i). What is the purpose of annealing?
(a)(ii) How is annealing carried out?
(b) What determines foe maximum hardness that can be obtained in a piece of steel?
(c) Describe case hardening.

3.(a). Sketch a pair of spring joint outside calliper.
(b) State the difference between odd leg calliper and inside calliper.
(c) State two advantages of spring callipers over firm joint callipers.

4.(a). With the aid of a sketch, show how a round bar can be held for drilling.
(b) List three types of drilling operations.

5. (a) Define defect in arc welding.
(b)(i) List four defects in arc welding.
(b)(ii) State four causes of defects in arc welding.

6. (a) List six operations that can be performed on the lathe machine.
(b)Briefly explain any two.

7. (a) Calculate foe cutting speed when using drilling machine to produce a hole 100mm diameter and the machine speed is 350 rev/min.
(b) State the purpose of leadscrew on lathe.

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