NABTEB ICT Past Questions and Answers in 2021 – Information and Communication Technology

Download Now! National Business and Technical Examination Board NABTEB Information and Communication Technology ICT Past Questions and Answers (Objective and Essay)

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ICT Section A – Objective ( 40 Marks )
ICT Section B – Essay ( 60 Marks )

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(100 Marks)

Time: 2 Hours 40 Minutes

This paper consists of Two Sections: A and B. Section A is Objective and Section B is Essay.
Section A consists of forty 40 Objective questions which should be answered by all candidates in 40 Minutes; Section B comprises seven 7 Essay questions out of which candidates are expected to answer five in 2 Hours.

NABTEB ICT Objective Questions for NBC/NTC

Time: 40 Minutes
(40 Marks)

1. A computer is used to process
A. information,
B. data.
C. task.
D. records.

2. Mainframe computers are used in
A. small organizations.
B. medium scale organizations.
C. main organizations.
D. large organizations.

3. The advantages of laptop over desktop include
A. large RAM size.
B. small ROM size.
C. inefficiency.
D. portability.

4. Data stored in ROM is
A. volatile.
B. nonvolatile.
C. voluminous.
D. temporal.

5. An output device allows the user to
A. enter data.
B. display data.
C. store information.
D. scan data.

6. The set of instructions that drives computer hardware is known as
A. firmware.
B. translator.
C. software.
D operating system.

7. The advantages of a computerized file include the following except
A. fast access.
B. irretrievability.
C. proper security.
D. easy modification.

8. A pictorial representation of a program at the desktop is called a/an
A. symbol.
B. file.
C. folder.
D. icon.

9. An example of a plug and play storage device is the
A. hard disk.
B. floppy disk.
C. flash disk.
D. compact disc.

10.The advantages of Linux operating system include
A. easily freezes.
B. scarcely used.
C. rarely freezes.
D. uncommon hardware support.

11. The electronic pathway through which data travels between the CPU and other part of the motherboard is known as the
A. bus line.
B. data bus.
C. cables.

12. The process of creating a new folder in Microsoft Windows environment is
A. right click-new folder.
B. new folder.
C. create New—folder.
D. double click – new folder.

13. The number of copies to be printed from a printer is specified using
A. printer manager.
B. folder manager.
C. task manager.
D. print manager.

14. Microsoft office is an example of a/an
A. operating system.
B. utility software.
C. package.
D. program.

15. The lowest unit of data storage is
A. kilobyte.
B. megabyte.
C. gigabyte.
D. bit.

16. Microsoft Windows 7 as an operating system is
A. menu driven.
B. command driven.
C. plug and play.
D. system driven.

17. A network that is restricted to a limited geographical location is known as
C. internet.
D. interlinks.

18. The first operation involved in moving a paragraph in Ms Word is
A. click on edit.
B. highlight the paragraph.
C. select cut.
D. paste.

19. The program that allows a particular word to be searched for in the web is regarded as
A. google.
B. email address.
C. search engine.
D. home page.

20. An email can be created from Ms
A. Outlook.
B. Publisher.
C. Word.
D. One Note.

21.The device that helps the computer to communicate using phone line is called
B. Handset.
D. modem.

22. The first hypertext document is displayed as
A. browser.
B. server.
C. protocol.
D. home page.

23. The “world wide web” is a subset of
A. yahoo.
B. email.
C. google.
D. internet.

24. The electronic exchange of messages between two computers through telecommunication means is
A. email.
B. google.
C. altavista.
D. file transfer.

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NABTEB ICT Essay Questions

2 Hours
Answer five questions in all.
All questions carry equal marks


1. Explain briefly the following with two examples each:
(a) Translator. 3 marks
(b) Peripheral devices. 3 marks
(c) Windows operating system. 3 marks
(d) System software. 3 marks

2. Write short notes on each of the following terms:
(a) Web server. 3 marks
(b) Website. 3 marks
(c) Home page. 3 marks
(d) System administrator. 3 marks


3. (a) List three examples of word processing packages. 3 marks
(b) Outline the steps involved in applying borders to a paragraph in Ms Word. 3 marks
(c) What is the use of WIZARDS in Microsoft word? 3 marks
(d) State the functions of the following capitalization forms in Ms Word: 3 marks
(i) Sentence case.
(ii) Title case.
(iii) Toggle case.

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