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Did you apply for admission into the Faculty/College of Medical Science? Are you eligible for Edo University, Iyamho Admission Screening Exercise, also know as EUI Post UTME?

If yes, you need the EUI Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine and Surgery, to enhance your preparatory skills in readiness to the exam.

we at has compiled all EUI Post UTME Past Questions for all Department in the Faculty of Medicine from 2014 – till date

This past questions will give you an over-view and nature of the exams.

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EUI Post UTME Subject Combination for Medicine.

What are the Subjects written in EUI Post UTME for Medicine.
The subjects you will write in Edo University, Iyamho Post UTME is same subjects you wrote in Jamb.

What others are downloadAll School POST UTME Past Questions

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Question Paper for Faculties of MEDICINE AND SURGERY,

1. Robert Hook was one of the scientists that discovered?
a. bone
b. hair
c. cell
d. liver
e. lung

2. The urethra in man is a common passage for both?
a, sperm and urine
b. sperm and water
c. eggs and sperm
d. blood and urine
e. cells and urine

3. The process of formation of sex gametes in living organisms is called?
a. Gametogenesis
b. Spirogenesis
c. Spermatogenesis
d. Organogenesis

4. The function of optic nerves in the human eye is?
a. to cam’ image formed on the retina to the brain
b. to form image on the retina
c. to interpret image on the retina
d. to accept object on the retina

5. Sterilization process is widely used to kill
a. Rats
b. Snakes
c. Ants
d. Microbes
e. Crabs

6. The hard parts of an animal’s body which support it and help to keep its shape is
a. skull
b. Ribs
c. Teeth
d. Ball joints
e. Skeleton

7. The first part of the small intestine is called?
a. bile
b. Pancreas
c. duodenum
d. Pharynx
e. oesophagus

8. Which of the following has the phagocytic ability?
a. thrombocyte
d. leucocytes
c. plasma
d. serum
e. Erythrocyte

9. Which of the following organelles plays a prominent role in protein synthesis?
a. Ribosome
d. Lysosomc
c. Golgi body
d. Centriolc
e. mitochondrion

10. In which of these associations is much harm done to one of the partner?
a. symbiosis
b. commensalisms
c. parasitism
d. mutualism

11. Effect of air pollutant does not include?
a. formation of carboxyl haemoglobin
b. displacement of digested food
c. lowering plant yield
d. damage breathing organs

12. Glucose is reabsorbed in the kidney mainly by?
a. Bowman’s capsule
b. Loop of Henle
c. Proximal convoluted tubule
d. Distal convoluted tubule

13. The rate of heart beat in an adult human being is?
a. 71 beats per minute
b. 72 beats per minute
c. 73 beats per minute
d. 74 beats per minute

14. ……… is responsible for the direction of growth and development of the organism?
a), the nucleus
b). the DNA
c). the neuron
d). the RNA

15. The following are formed in the bone marrow except?
a. platelets
d. basophiles
c. granulocytes
d. lymphocyte

16. A sex-linked defect that allows small cuts to bleed severely is known as?
a. Anaemia
b. anorexia
c. haemophilia
d. haemolysis

17. In the adult mammalian blood, the cell which lack nuclei are the?
a. erythrocytes
b. lymphocytes
c. leucocytes
d. phagocytes

18. The part of the brain that controls body posture in mammals is?
a. thalamus
b. cerebrum
c. spinal cord
d. cerebellum

19. In man, gas exchange occurs in the
a. heart
b. white blood cells
c. lungs
d. kidney

20. The mixture of food substance and Benedict’s solution was warned. The solution changed from blue to brick-red indicating that there is?
a. fatty acid
b. Glucose
c. amino acid
d. bile

21. Which of the following parts of a cell is living
a, cell wall
b. calcium oxalate
c. food vacuoler
d. mitochondria

22. The sites for energy transfer within a cell are known as?
a. Golgi apparatus
b. parenchyma
c. mitochondria
d. nucleolus

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