How to Promote Students for Next Session Cass Year 2 or 3

How to Promote Students from a Current Cass Year Session to Next Year Cass 2 or 3 Session.

You can only promote students whose CASS Scores for the selected CASS Year are completed.

Here is a detailed step by step guidelines on how to Promote Students to Next Cass Year 2 or 3.

How to Promote Students for Next Cass Year 2 or 3

01. To begin this process, Launched the WAEC CASS Offline Application Software.
02. Type in your username and password and click on login Now.
03. click on the Administration Menu.
04. From the drop-down menu Select and Click on Promote Students to Next CASS Year.
05. Select the Current CASS Year/Session of the student you want to promote.
06. To upload a list of selected student, Uncheck the student not to be uploaded.
07. To upload all list of student, check on Select All.
08. To proceed, check on I agree to Upload the selected students.
09. To Initiate Promotion, Click on Promote Checked Students
10. Click on Yes to accept the promotion of student with completed CASS Score.
11. Accept Yes to Populate Subjects Listing or No to Ignore.
12. Click on Close.

How to Removed or Drop Any Student Subjects After Promotion for Year CASS 2

13. Click on Edit Registration.
14. Select the Cass Year (CASS Year 2)
15. Select the Session for Year Cass 2.
16. Click on any of the student data to view/edit the subjects.
17. To drop or removed a student subject, click on the subject you which to removed, next click on the Lesser than button to delete a selected subject.
18. Check on i confirm that entries are correct.
19. Click on Updates to completed all modification.

YouTube Video – How to Promote Students to Next Cass Year

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