11 Things You Should Know About WAEC CASS Registration for 2020


1. The new system will commence from SSI where all the subjects offered by the students would be uploaded along with their respective CASS.
During registration the personal bio- data and images of each student will be uploaded.

2. After registration at this level (SS 1), each candidate will be issued with a CASS reference number which would be used to track the progress throughout the Senior Secondary classes till registration of WASSCE.

3. The CRN remains tied to each candidate regardless of transfer from one school to another.

4. The CRN must be provided before candidates would be eligible for WASSCE registration.

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5. Each student is expected to enroll for a minimum of eight and a maximum of twenty subjects in SSI with a maximum of nine subjects while uploading SS3 CASS.

6. SSI and 5S2 CASS should be uploaded at the end of the promotion examinations for each year and not later than August 31st of each year;

7. SS3 CASS should be uploaded along with the WASSCE registration.
No school would be allowed to register candidates for WASSCE without CASS Reference Number issued to the candidates in SSI.

8. Schools seeking recognition should apply for such when their students are in SSI in order to obtain the CASS Reference Number for WASSCE registration or move their students to a WAEC recognized school ahead of the examination for the acquisition of the CASS Reference Numbers.

9. CASS entry sheet pro form are available for download from the CASS online site -www.examiners.waecnigeria.org/waeccass to serve as a guide to help gather students data for subsequent capture on the CASS offline or online system.

The prerequisites and installation file for waec cass offline as well as the user manual can also be downloaded from the site.

10. The online site would be opened for uploading on June 1st and closes on August 31st each year.

11. Each school should ensure that this target date is achieved as inability to upload within this time frame may disqualify the candidates from registering for WASSCE.


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