Vocational Aptitude Questions for Primary and Common Entrance Exam

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Are you preparing for Common Entrance Examination, if yes you need the Vocational Aptitude Test Past Questions.

we at stcharlesedu.com has compiled a good number of Vocational Aptitude Test Past Questions

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Vocational Aptitude Test Common Entrance Questions

01. The following are processes in timber production.
I. Marking
II. Felling
HI. Logging
IV. Conversion

02. Which of the following options is the correct sequence?

03. The tool below is used for mixing and

Image Missing – used the download link below to get the complete file

A. aligning,
B. digging.
C. dressing.
D. jointing,
E. loading.

04. From the options A – E, identify the safety device found in a motor car.
A. Bonnet
B. Headlamp
C. Seatbelt
D. Steering
E. Tyre

05. Which of these items is not used in the kitchen

Image Missing – used the download link below to get the complete file

A. I
C. Ill
E. V

06. Green, Orange and Purple are____colours.
A. complimentary
B. harmonious
C. primary
D. secondary
E. tertiary

07. The tool in the diagram below is used for
A. cutting
B. grinding
C. measuring
D. marking
E. twisting

08. The top of a cylindrical tin is viewed as

Image Missing – used the download link below to get the complete file

09. A complete circle has___degrees.
A. 90
B. 180
C. 270
D. 300
E. 360

10. Cow is to milk as bee is to
A. glucose.
B. honey,
C. nectar.
D. saccharine.
E. sugar.

11. If the metal block in the diagram above is viewed in the direction of the arrow X, how would it look like?
Image Missing – used the download link below to get the complete file

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