When is NCEE Result Coming Out for 2018? – How to Check it Free

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You might be requesting to know when is the National Common Entrance Examination NCEE Result will be coming out for 2018, read on to know the date and how to check your NCEE result when it will be finally out or released.

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Fact About National Common Entrance Examination NCEE Result

For the National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) Result to be released, Approval must first be given by Federal Ministry of Education to the National Examination Council (NECO) the body responsible for conduct of the exam, to release the result to the public for access in all the state ministries of education nationwide as well as NECO zonal offices.”

The result is usually released Forty-Eight 48 Days (One Months and Three Weeks) after the examination has be written or Conducted.

The following Statistic will also be released or made know to the public in 2018

The total number of candidate that register for the exam

The total number of candidate that sat for the exam

Name and State of the Candidate that has the highest score

the number of candidate that has the least score

The most sort after college

The least sort after college

Schedule date for placement exercise (second interview)

How to Check Your NCEE Result When it is finally out

The easiest, stress and risk free method of checking your Common Entrance result is through the internet. Here is how to go about it.
1. Open your Web browser and in the navigation bar type the following URL: http://www.fmeinterviewtest.com

2. Type in your registration number

3. View your Admission Status and details

4. Click on the “Print Status” button

The Results Are in Three 3 Grouping:

1. SHORTLISTED FOR CONSIDERATION – School Admitted to will be made known later


3. NO QUALIFICATION DETAILS – More clarification needed from the Fed Ministry of Education

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