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Commerce Exam Questions for Senior Secondary School

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Download Free SS2 Commerce objective/Theory Questions for second term
Link 1  Comm Exam Questions

Link 2  Comm Exam Questions


Commerce Objective Questions for SS1 First Term

1.______ is an example of indirect service 
(a) barbing 
(b) leader 
(c) police 
(d) doctor

2. An economic activities in which people engaged themselves in order to gain a living 	is known as  
(a) labour  
(b) employee 
(c) occupation 
(d) fighting

3. The type of occupation whereby raw materials are extracted from the soil is known as  
(a) manufacturing 
(b) employee 
(c) occupation 
(d) fighting	

4. Perpetual existence as a feature of a business organization means	
(a) continuity of business life  
(b) discontinuity of business life 
(d) malfunctioned business 
(d) business growth

5. In limited liability company profit is shared based on 
(a) patronage 
(b) amount of shares owned 
(c) revenue  
(d)  expenditure

6. Formation of a cooperation society is done through 
(a) incorporation 
(b) registration 
(c) decree 
(d) act of parliamentary

7. One of the following is not an occupation 
(a) armed robber 
(b) teacher 
(c) barber 
(d) tailoring

8. Public enterprise is also known as 
(a) public corporation 
(b) people business 
(c) nation’s firm 
(d) government properties

9. ______ is an example of a public enterprise 
(a) Nigeria port authority 
(b) first bank of Nigeria 
(c) Management of labour 
(d) fund management

10. A worker who process gain is engaged on 
(a) extractive occupation 
(b) manufacturing occupation 
(c) exchange 
(d) constructive occupation

11. Which of the following are internal source of capital to a business concern 
(a) trade credit 
(b) debenture 
(c) over draft 
(d) retained profit

12._____ is a disadvantage of a public corporation 
(a) wastage 
(b) legal entity 
(c) generation of revenue 
(d) continuity

13. Local enterprises are managed by _____	
(a) federal government 
(b) state government 
(c) local government 
(d) council

14.	_____ is a similarity between a private and public limited liability companies 
(a) legal entity 
(b) unlimited liability is absence of profit sharing 
(d) emphasis on community growth 
(d)isoth are called PLC

15. The world ltd written after the name of a company means that 
(a) members are liable to the extent of their holding 
(b) the individual member capital is limited 
(c) the total sum of the capital is high 
(d) company’s location is limited

16. Which of the following is not a means of raising capital by a promote 
(a) goodwill 
(b) borrowing 
(c) selling of share 
(d) past saving

17. The main purpose for establishing a public corporation is to 
(a) provide essential service 
(b) make profit 
(c) provide employment 
(d) complete with entrepreneur

18. A document that regulate the internal operations of a company is known as 
(a) memorandum of association 
(b) article of association 
(c) certificate of trading 
(d) certificate of incorporation 

19. The Nigeria television authority is an example of a 
(a) private limited liability company 
(b) public limited liability company 
(c) cooperative society 
(d) public corporation public 
(b) wing

20. A business that is independent of its owner’s is a 
(a) sole proprietorship 
(b) partnership 
(c) limited liability company 
(d) cooperative society

21. A place where goods are stored for future use is 
(a) hospital 
(b) market 
(c) warehouse 
(d) bank

22. The main aim and objective of every business is to 
(a) make profit 
(b) make profit and loss 
(c) legalized lender 
(d) partials money

23. _____ is the risk bearer of every business is 
(a) entrepreneur 
(b) staff 
(c) employee 
(d) society

24. A group of firms that agree to operate a common price is a 
(a) cartel 
(b) customs union 
(c) price ring 
(d) holding company

25. Which of the following is primarily responsible for projecting the image of a 	company? 
(a) sales department 
(b) personal department 
(c) public relations department 
(d) account department

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Theory Commerce Questions for SS1

1. Find the range of values of  2x -1 < 3 and 2 - x < 5. 

1a. What is career?
1b. Discuss 3 factors that influences the choicest career 
1c. Distinguish between direct and indirect service

2a. Define cooperative society
2b. Discuss 3 types of cooperative society.
2c. Comment on 3 advantages of cooperative society
3a. What is public cooperation?
3b. Highlight five features of public enterprises
3c. Discuss 3 sources of finance to public cooperation 

4a. State in a tabular form, five differences between public limited companies and private limited companies 
4b. Write short note on the following items 
i. stocky 
ii. Share 
iii. Debenture 

5. Explain the following items    
i. Memorandum of association 
ii. Certificate of incorporation 
iii. Article of association 
iv. Certificate of trading     

6a. Outline the steps involved in formation of a limited liability companies 
6b. Discuss the types of companies 

7a. Discuss 4 problems faced by cooperative societies in Nigeria 
7b. Discuss 4 reasons why government establish public corporation 

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