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Computer Studies Exam Questions for SS1-3

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Download Free Computer Studies/Science Objective and Theory Questions for SS1 Third Term
Link 1 Comp. Studies Exam Questions

Link 2 Comp. Studies Exam Questions

SUBJECT: Computer Studies


Computer Studies Objective Questions for SS1 Third Term

01. ICT is an acronym for____
(a) Information Communication Transfer
(b) Information and Communication Technology
(c) Information and Communication Transportation
(d) Information Certification Technology

02. The technology involved in the use of hard and software to convert, store, process and transmit information is ____
(a) Information Technology	
(b) Creping system	
(c) Information System	
(d) Information Technology Transfer

03. Narrowcasting is_____  
(a) An acronym for information transmission	
(b) Transmission of audio and video to a narrow range of people	
(c) Transmission of information to several listeners                                    
(d) Telecommunication over a small distance

04. The distribution of audio or video signals to an audience is known as _____
(a) Many casting 
(b) Broadcasting 
(c) Recasting 
(d) Televising 

05. The parabolic mirror used to receive signals is referred to as_____
(a) Radio casting 
(b) Television casting 
(c) Satellite TV System broadcasting 
(d) Transmitter

06. _____ is the exchange of information over significant distances using electronic medium
(a) Communication	
(b) Telecommunication	
(c) ICT		
(d) Network

07. _____refers to a method of transferring a message to all recipients simultaneously
(a) Communication	
(b) Telecommunication	
(c) Broadcasting	
(d) ICT

08. Which of the following is NOT a component of a basic telecommunication system?
(a) Transmitter	
(b) Transmission medium	
(c) Receiver	
(d) Controller

09. _____is a worldwide network of telephone lines connected by switching centers that allows any telephone in the world to communicate with any other.
(a) Public Switched Telephone Network	
(b) Mobile Phone System	
(c) Circuit Switched Packet Telephone Systems	
(d) Satellite Telephone System

10. Any artificial object orbiting the earth for communication is called_______
(a) Mobile phone	
(b) Satellite		
(c) Bluetooth		
(d) GPS

11. A type of data network that spans across a wide geographical area is called_________
(a) WAN 
(b) MAN 
(c) LAN 
(d) SAND

12. LAN is a data network that can be operated on of the following EXCEPT
(a) School 
(b) Home 
(c) Office 
(d) Town

13. Which of these makes it possible for people with ground receivers to pinpoint their geographic location? 
(a) GPRR 
(b) GPS 
(c) GDS 
(d) GRPS

14. The biggest and largest data network is the ______
(a) Intranet 
(b) Internet 
(c) WAN 
(d) WWW.

15. A computerized system that performs mathematical operations on input- data to transform it into the output (audio, video, graphic, numeric or text) form desired by a system user is called_______
(a) Data processing system 
(b) Global positioning system
(c) Megatronic systems 
(d) all of the above.

16. Which of these is NOT an ICT gadgets
(a) Computer 
(b) TV set 
(b) GSM 
(d) Awaiting trial machine (ATM)

17. The major tool that determines the development stage of a Nation is______
(a) Remote sensing 
(b) VSAT 
(c) ICT 
(d) intranet.

18. _____ is NOT an advantage of ICT
(a) Aids information dissemination 
(b) Speeds up transaction process 
(c) enhances e-learning 
(d) none of the above.

19. The ability of a GSM customer to make call in any part of  the world at any point in time to a different location is called______
(a) Rummy 
(b) Roaming 
(c) Rooming 
(d) Ramming

20. VSAT stands for_______
(a) Very Small Aperture Terminal 
(b) Very small aperture tools 
(c) Very small aperture openings 
(d) Very small terminal aperture. 

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SS1 Comp. Studies Theory Questions


SECTION B (Essay Questions) (30 marks) 
(Answer Three Questions only)

1a. In a clear and unambiguous statement, define ICT and define the function of “C” in ICT (5MK)
1b. List five (5) types of ICTs and explain two (5MKS)

2a. What do you understand by term “Word Processor”? (2mks)
2b. List five examples of word processor (2½mks)
2c.List five features of word processor and Explain two. (5½mks)

3a. What is Presentation Package? (2mks)
3b. List five examples of presentation package. (2½mks)
3c. List five features presentation package and explain two (5½mks)

4a. What is Telecommunication? (2mks)
4b. List and explain three primary units of telecommunication (6mks)
4c. List two types of Telecommunication (2mks)

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