Physical And Health Education PHE Past Exam Questions for JSS Junior Secondary Schools in Nigeria – All Classes

Download Physical And Health Education PHE Exam Past Questions Paper 1st, 2nd and 3rd Term for Junior Secondary Schools JSS in Nigeria all Classes.

Teaching is really an interesting job, but for some factors like low pay, setting of exam questions, marking of students examination scripts and compilation of students results has made teaching job more stressful.

To help reduce the workload we have compiled all Physical and Health Education exam question paper in MS Word from JSS one (1) to three (3);
To serve as a reference material;
To help teachers set tests and examination questions.

School pupils will also find it useful for revision and exam preparation.


Physical and Health Education Exam Questions for Junior Secondary School – Features

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JSS 1 to 3 PHE Exam Questions – Benefit

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Download Free PHE Exam Question for JSS 2
Link 1  PHE Exam Questions

Link 2  PHE Exam Questions

PHE First Term Examination Questions for Junior Secondary School

SUBJECT: Physical and Health Education


Physical and Health Education Objective Questions for Primary School


1. Service change at the count of ________point
(a) 6
(b) 11
(c) 2
(d) 7

2. __________ assign duties to the other officials in table tennis.
(a) Recorder
(b) Referee
(c) Umpire
(d) Assistance umpire

3. Table tennis officials include all these people, EXCEPT________
(a) Umpire
(b) Linesmen
(c) Referee
(d) Assistant umpire.

4. Which of the following is not a skills in table tennis game?
(a) Bank hank stroke
(b) forehand stroke
(c) Smashing
(d) Backhand stroke

5. ___________occurs when chemicals are released into the soil during spill or under-ground leakage

(a)Thermal pollution
(b) Visual pollution
(c) Land pollution
(d) None of the above

6. __________ Is not among the components of school health programme
(a) Healthful school environment
(b) School cult activities
(c) Health instructions
(d) School health service

7. The skill used to start a game of tennis is___________
(a) Goal keeping
(b) Driving
(c) Service
(d) Rally

8. The school health programme is composed of__________ section
(a) Eight
(b) Four
(c) six
(d) Five

9. Environmental pollution is the contamination of water, air and land from man-made _________
(a) waste
(b) Goods
(c) Air
(d) Vapor

10. The following are effects of environmental pollution, Except
(a) Hearing loss
(b) sleep disorder
(c) High blood pressure
(d) HIV/AIDs

11. Community health is concerned with the following except __________
(a) Giving loan
(b) Providing portable water
(c) Disposal of refuse
(d) prevention of water pollution

12. Which of the following equipment is not for table tennis game?
(a) Table tennis bat
(b) Groin protector
(c) The net
(d) Tennis board

13. Which of these is not a cause of pollution?
(a) Plastic factories
(b) Hospitals
(c) Chemical plants
(d) None of the above

14. Table tennis officials include all these, EXCEPT
(a) Referee
(b) Umpire
(c) Starter
(d) Assistance umpire

15. The release of chemicals and particles into the atmosphere is called _________________
(a) Land pollution
(b) Thermal pollution
(c) Noise pollution
(d) Air pollution

Want more Objective Questions like this?
Get the Complete Physical and Health Education Exam Questions (Obj & Theory); In editable Ms-word format for any of the JSS  1 – 3 Classes.

What Others are download Exam Questions for Junior Secondary School

PHE Theory Questions for Junior Secondary Schools


1. Briefly describe the nature of tennis game
B. State three effects of pollution on environmental and personal health
C. list four basic skills of table tennis game

2. Define school health programme
B. List three type of environmental pollution and explain one
C. Mention four basic skills and techniques in tennis game


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