OOU Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine and Surgery PDF Download with Answer

Did you apply for admission into the Faculty/College of Medical Science? Are you eligible for Olabsisi Onabanjo University Admission Screening Exercise, also know as OOU Post UTME?

If yes, you need the OOU Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine and Surgery, to enhance your preparatory skills in readiness to the exam.

we at stcharlesedu.com has compiled all OOU Post UTME Past Questions for all Department in the Faculty of Medicine from 2014 – till date

This past questions will give you an over-view and nature of the exams.

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OOU Post UTME Subject Combination for Medicine.

What are the Subjects written in OOU Post UTME for Medicine.
The subjects you will write in Olabsisi Onabanjo University Post UTME is same subjects you wrote in Jamb.

What others are downloadAll School POST UTME Past Questions

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Olabsisi Onabanjo University Post UTME Past Questions for Medicine Free Download

Olabsisi Onabanjo University
Ago Iwoye
1st Batch. Time: 1 hour 30

Question Paper for Faculties of MEDICINE AND SURGERY,

1. Which of the following constitutes the least environmental pollution?
(a) CO
(b) SO2
(c) CO2
(d) Chlorofluorocarbons

2. What is the PH of 0.001MHC1?
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4

3. Which of the following has the highest hydroxyl ion concentration?
(a) HC1
(b) NH4OH
(c) HNO3
(d), NaOH

4. The best technique for separating the components of a dye is
(a) chromatography
(b) distillation
(c) evaporation
(d) filtration

5. What is the volume of a gas at 20°C if its original volume at 60°C is 300cm3? If the pressure is constant
(a) 100cm3
(b) 53cm3
(c) 900cm3
(d) 252cm3

6. CaC03 + 2HC1 -> CaCl2 + H20 +CO2
From the equation above, what mass of CaC03 will be required to produce 11.1 g of CaCl2? [Ca = 40, C = 12, O = 16, Cl = 35.5]
(a) lOg
(b) lOOOg
(c) 14.6g
(d) 33.33g

7. What volume of oxygen will be present in 150cm3 of air at 27°C?
(a) 21cm3
(b) 31.5cm3
(c) 117cm3
(d) 1.5cm3

8. Which of the following is suitable for removing both temporary and permanent hardness?
(a) the addition of alum
(b) the addition of Ca(OH)2
(c) distillation
(d) boiling

9. C2H4(g) + 302(g)->2C02(g) + 2H20(g)
From the reaction above, what mole of CO2 will be produced from 56g of ethane?
[C =12, H=l]
(a) 4
(b) 3
(c) 2
(d) 1

10. Which of the following contains particles with the largest size?
(a) Aqueous solution
(b) suspension
(c) emulsion
(d) gel

11. Who discovered the charge on an electron?
(a) Milikan
(b) Dalton
(c) Moseley
(d) Rutherford

12. Which of the following salts is a double salt?
(a) Mg(0H)N03
(b) NaHC03
(c)KA1(S04)2 ,12H20
(d) K2SO4

13. To increase the rate of a chemical reaction, a catalyst
(a) decreases the activation energy
(b)increases the activation energy
(c) decreases the collision frequency
(d) increases the collision frequency

14. Which of the following is a fine chemical?
(a) H2SO4
(b) NH3
(c) NaOH
(d) Dye

15. Which of the following is an alkaline earth metal?
(a) Ca
(b) K
(c) A1
(d) Na

16. Which of the following reactions is endothermic?
(a) HCl(aq) + NaOH(aq)—>NaCl(aq) + H20(1)
(b) CaO(s) + H20(i)—»Ca (OH)2(s)
(c) CaCO(s)—»CaO(s) +C02(g)
(d) S+02-^ SO2

17. An important ore of aluminum is
(a) Galena
(b) Dolomite
(c) Cassiterite
(d) Bauxite

18. 2SO2 + 02’*—> 2S03 , AH = -xKJ A decrease in temperature will
(a) shift the equilibrium position backward
(b) favour the forward reaction
(c) decrease the formation of S03
(d) increase the concentration of O2

19. What mass of copper will be produced from 0.5 Faraday of electricity [Cu = 63.5]
(a) 63.5g
(b) 31.75g
(c) 15.88g
(d) 7.95g

20. Which of the following is a strong electrolyte?
(a) glucose solution
(b) water
(c) potassium acetate solution
(d) H2C03

Olabsisi Onabanjo University Post-UTME Past Answer

1. C

. D

4. A

5. –

6. A

7. B

8. C

9. A












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