Nigeria Navy Maths Past Questions for DSSC Recruitment Free Download

The Nigeria Navy Maths Past Questions for Direct Short Service DSSC Recruitment is available at On this page we have uploaded a free copy of the Nigeria Navy Mathematics Past Questions.

All individual can now have a feel of how the Navy Maths Exam Questions Look Like.

Admission into the Nigeria Navy, is strictly based on merit, and you have to score high in the written test to be able to secure admission.

Nigeria Navy Mathematics Past Questions free Download

This free Nigeria Navy Maths Exam Past Question has be uploaded to help you have an insight on areas the maths questions are taken from.
There is also a possibility that you might come across some of these question on recruitment aptitude test day

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Free Nigeria Navy Maths Exam Questions Sample Copy

5. An officer is twice as old as his son. In five years time, the sum of their ages will be 85 years. What is the officers age now?
A. 20 years
B. 42.5 years
C. 45 years
D. 50 years
E. 55 years

6. A square of sides 7cm, a Rectangle of sides 8 and 6cm and a circle of radius diameter 7cm are placed side by side.
Which of these objects has the largest area
A. Rectangle
B. Circle
C. All
D. Square
E. None, the areas are equal

7. The value of a boat depreciates by 10% at the end of each year. If the boat cost $2 million now. What will be its value in naira after two years? (Take $1 = N 150)
A. N 270m
B. N 240m
C. N 300m
D. N 243m
E. N 280m

8. An item is marked N10,000 VAT inclusive. If VAT rate is 5%, how much will the buyer pay and how much VAT will the Government receive on this sale?
A. N 10,500 and N500
B. N 10 and N 5
C. N 9,500 and N 500
D. N 10.000 and N5
E. N10.000 and N 500

9. A settee is advertised as N9,000 plus VAT. If VAT is 5%. How much will a buyer pay
A. N9,500
B. N9,450
C. N8,550
D. N9,005
E. N9,000

10. What amount of tax does he pay per month?
A. N12,000
B. N18,000
C. N10,000
D. N180,000
E. N15,000

11. What is the young officer’s take home per month?
A. N195,000
B. N180,000
C. N175,500
D. N185,000
E. N200,000

12. If the young officer does a compulsory mortgage contribution of 20% of his take home salary.
How much is left of his salary?
A. N160,000
B. 156,000
C. 150,000
D. N144,000
E. 200,000

16.If numbers can be written with a tolerance of 0.5, what is the range of values for the sum of 10 and 11?
A. 20 – 22
B. 20 – 21
C. 21
D. 21-22

17.A chart that represents the totality of data using a circle is called a _______
A. Pie chart
B. Histogram
C. Circular Chart
D. Bar chart
E. Pictogram

18.If a Equilateral Triangle of sides 7cm is placed on a square of sides 7cm. what is the perimeter of the composite shape?
A. 21cm
B. 14cm
C. 49cm
D. 35cm E. 28cm

19.What is the simple interest on N15,000 for 5 years at 10% per annum?
A. N150,000
B. N5,000
C. N10, 000
D. N7,500
E. N15,000

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Benefit of Nigeria Navy Recruitment Exam Past Question

Solving past question give your confidence
Help identify key areas to focus on
Help you know your speed for the actual exam
Give one confidence and make on relax on the deal day

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