JSS 1, 2, 3 English Language Exam Questions for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Term PDF/Ms-Word Download

Do you want to download JSS 1, 2 or 3 English Language Exam Past Question ? Are you looking for Junior Secondary School Exam Question on English Language for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Term Examination.

Then your search end here.

Before a student is promoted into the next class, he/she is expected to pass English Language as a subject.

Most student do fail or perform below expectation, as a result of this, we have compiled JSS 1-3 English Language Past Questions for student preparing for the subject exam.

The JSS English Language exam past questions were compiled to served as a reference materials and to help teacher set test/examination question also for student to used as a revision material and exam preparation guide.

Download Exam Questions on English Language for Jss 1-3

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How to Get English Language Question for JSS 1, 2 & 3

Here is an example of the cost Pattern
JSS 1 English Language  1st Term Exam Question = N300
JSS 1 English Language  2nd Term Exam Question = N300
JSS 1 English Language  3rd Term Exam Question = N300

Same cost pattern applies to JSS2 and JSS3

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English Language Objective Questions for JSS1 Second Term



1. I am traveling (a)indirect speech (b)direct speech (c)past speech (d)tense and words
2. This is refer as a degree of expression (a)past stress (b)stress (c) primary stress (d)a pronoun
3. There are three (3) direct speech (a)false and true (b)yes or no (c) yes d no and yes (d)none of the above
4. One of the following words are stress (a)woman (b)dance (c)secondary (d)primary school
5. A stress is a word to represent all kind of sentence (a)false (b)true or false (c)true (d)true or false
6. The category that express time with reference to the moment of speaking (a)past tense (b)tense (c)future tense (d)word or spoken
7. I am going to school now (a)direct speech (b)indirect speech (c)present speech (d)past speech
8. A tense is an expresses action (a)past tense (b)future tense (c)present tense (d)words tense
9. One of these is an examples of a tense (a)go to school today (b)i work everyday (c)I said come
10. My father flogged me yesterday (a)past tense (b)past tense (c)present tense (d)past spoken words

Comprehension Passage for JSS1 English Language

Answer all questions
Read the passage below and answer the following questions.

Jane could not travel that weekend, she decided to prepare some food and put up an appearance in the church on Sunday. As part of her pass-time she decided to visit Mr. Goodluck in his hotel room but as she got to the hotel, the girl at the cash desk informed her that Mr. Goodluck had gone. From the way Jane spoke, the girl noticed that she was a stranger in the place.
The rain started about 5:00am on Sunday and continued until 2:00pm. In the afternoon, Jane’s plan to put up appearance in the church was dashed then she was really full of regrets.

English Comprehensive QUESTIONS for JSS

Read and answer from the comprehension passage above.
1a. From the passage, it was clear that Jane was ____?
1b. She went to see who?
1c. When she got to the hotel, what happened?
1d. From the way Jane spoke, the girl at the cash desk noticed that Jane was a ______?
1e. The rain that started early on Sunday stopped Jane from?

2. Write a short note on the following words.
2i. Stress
2ii. Primary stress
2iii. Future stress

3. Define direct and indirect speech and give three (3) examples of each.

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