Naira Saving Account- 5 Easy Steps to Receive Your Google Adsense in Diamond Bank Nigeria

How to Receive Google Adsense Payment through Your Nigeria Diamond Saving

This post is for those who can’t get the necessary referees, IDs and
requirements to open a domiciliary (dorm) account and how you can receive Google
Adsense Payment through Your Nigeria Diamond Saving Account, 

by following this five (5) simple steps
Work into any diamond bank to request for a form on how to receive international
fund transfer into your saving account.
You will be given a form that look like or exactly like this


Step 1
Visit the google adsense link below
Click on sign in
Type in your AdSense email address and password
Steps 2
Click on payments


Step 3

Click on payment settings
Click on +add a new payment method


Step 4

Select wire transfer to bank account
And enter the following setting shown below


Step 5.
Click on set this payment method as primary, then click on save

How the credit alert looks like when you are finally paid through DIAMOND BANK

Credit Alert!
Acc#: *****4384
Amt: 36,596.34
Time: 24/03/15 2:41PM
Avail Bal:41,555.10
Total Bal:41,555.10

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  1. Thanks man for the help. I will have to open Diamond bank account then. GTB is yet to give me my money.. They should just return it back to Google if they can't accept it.

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