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Early childhood education ECE is a branch of education theory that relates to the teaching of children from birth up to the age of eight. Traditionally

NOUN Early Childhood Education Admission Requirements

  1. Admission available for 100 Level and 200 Level
  2. A minimum of 5 credits in O’ levels.
  3. Compulsory courses required in O’levels are Mathematics and English Language.
    For Teacher’s Grade II Certificate, compulsory courses are Mathematics and English Language.
  4. Any other relevant courses in O’levels/Teacher’s Grade II Certificate

For Admission into 200 Level

  1. Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) with a minimum grade C in the following majors:
    English language, Fine and applied art, Music, Primary education, Social studies, Theatre art

B.A ECE Programme Duration.

The B A. Ed. (Hons) Early Childhood Education is structured to run for a minimum of five years and maximum of eight years for students starting at 100 level or minimum of four years and maximum of six years for students at 200 level.

NOUN Courses for B.A ECE

we at are glad to inform you that we now have NOUN POL Past Question from 1st to 2nd Semester at all level (100-400) available for download.

Outline of Course Structure for B.A.(Ed) Early Childhood Education

See below list of ECE Programme Courses Past Questions Available for Download.

NOUN Past Questions for Early Childhood Education

B.A ECE 100 Level – 400 Level

100 Level First Semesters

ECE 123 Exam Past Questions for NOUN

Course CodeCourse TitleLevelSemester
ENG151Introduction to English as a Second Language1001
EDU111Introduction To Foundations Of Education1001
ECE121Child Development1001
ECE113Introduction To Philosophy Of Early Childhood Education1001
ECE123Health Care In The Early Years1001
PED122Primary English Curriculum And Methods1001
PED144Primary Mathematics Curriculum Methods1001
GST101Use of English & Communication Skills I1001

100 Level Second Semesters

ECE 112 Exam Questions for 100 Level

CIT102Software Application Skills1002
EDU112Professionalism In Teaching1002
EDU114History Of Education1002
ECE112Origin And Development Of E.C.E1002
ECE120Development Of Appropriate Skills In Children1002
PED130Introduction To Social Studies1002
GST102Use of English & Communication Skills II1002
ECE110Childhood Education In Traditional African Society1002
PED112Reading In Early Chilhood And Primary Education1002

200 Level First/Second Semesters

PED 271 Exam Questions for NOUN

Structure of Modern English I2001
EDU233General Teaching Methods2001
EDU231Curricullum Theory and Practice2001
ECE223Plays And Learning2001
ECE221Language And Literacy In The Early Years2001
ECE227Organization And Service Provision In E.C.E2001
ECE225Meeting Special Needs In E.C.E2001
ECE231Science In The Early Years2001
ENG122Structure of Modern English II2002
EDU214Philosophy Of Education2002
PED236Elementary Mechanics2002
EDU212Sociology Of Education2002
ECE230“Introduction To Early Childhood Education Curriculum Development”2002
ECE222Developing Professional Skills And Competence2002
ECE232“Observation, Recording And Assessment In Early Childhood Education”2002
PED232Aesthetic Expression In Primary Education2002

300 Level First Semesters

Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology3001
EDU323Basic Research Methods In Education3001
EDU335Teaching Practice I3001
EDU321Psychology Of Learning3001
ECE311Introduction To Cultural And Creative Arts3001
ECE313Theories And Practice Of Early Childhood Education3001
PED237Measurement And Shapes3001
PED351Adult Basic Education3001
PED313Historical And Cultural Background Of Immediate Environment3001
PED271Primary School Phe Curriculum & Methods3001
ENT323Entrepreneurial Development and Small Business Management3001
GST302Business Creation and Growth3001

300 Level Second Semesters

EDU332Educational Technology3002
EDU314Comparative Education3002
EDU336Teaching Practice Evaluation & Feedback3002
PED234Man Energy And Resources3002
PED322Methods Of Teaching Reading In Primary School3002
ECE212Language And Literacy In The Early Years3002
FRE222French Grammar and Composition II3002

400 Level First Semesters

ECE Exam Questions for NOUN 400 Level

Guidance And Counselling4001
EDU435Teaching Practice II4001
EDU423Measurement And Evaluation4001
ECE421Health And Family Life Education4001
ECE413Comparative Early Childhood Education4001
PED421Developmental Guidance In Pry. Education4001
PED433Children Literature4001
PED431Continous Assessment In Primary Education4001

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