Medical Laboratory Assistant MLA Past Exam Questions for MLSCN

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In order to prepare well for any upcoming exam, student need to get them self familiar with previous exam question.

This is why the need for past question are necessary, to have an idea of what to expect in the upcoming exam.

MLSCN Exam Questions Paper for Medical Lab Assistant

The MLSCN train and license three different Cadres of professions.

They include
Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS),
Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT), and
Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA).

The MLS training takes a period of six years;
MLT takes a period of three years;
While MLA takes a period of two years.

Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA)
Duration of training
The programmed is for two calendar year having four (4) semesters

MLA Entry requirements
Prospective Candidate must must possess a minimum of three 3 Olevel credits in not more than two sitting at SSCE, NECO and NABTEB including Biology, English and at least a pass in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

The result obtained should be within five years prior to registration with (MLSCN) Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria.

Certificate to be obtained
At the end of two year training, the student will obtained a certificate in Medical Laboratory Assistant


Medical Lab Assistant Final Year Exam Paper Type

MLA Written Questions Paper

Paper 1 – Written Paper
Maximum Time Allowed = 2hrs 30mins.
Total Number of Questions given = Six (6).
Total Number of Questions to Attempt = Five (4).
Marking Scheme = Each Questions Carries 20 Marks.

MLA Practical Questions Paper

Paper 2 – Practical Paper
Maximum Time Allowed – 2hrs 30mins.
Total Number of Questions given = Five (5).
Total Number of Questions to Attempt = All.
Marking Scheme = Each Questions Carries 20 Marks.

Although you may have 5 hour, 30 minutes shared between the two papers (paper 1 and 2) to answer 9 questions,

you would still be overwhelmed by time if you haven’t ground yourself to get familiar with the question be set.

So, to overcome this, you will definitely need to get the MLSCN/MLT Past Questions paper.

How to Get Exam Questions for Medical Lab Assistant – Past Questions

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Free Lab Assistant Exam Questions Paper

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[MLA Exam Questions Paper – 2014]

MLA Exam Questions Paper – 2014


DATE: 19TH MARCH 2014.

1.Describe the reception, recording, handling and storage of 2 named specimen in bacteriology laboratory,

2a. Define Sterilization
2b. List the various methods of sterilization
2c. How can you recover contaminated petri-dish for re-use in the Laboratory?

3a. Define Decalcification
3b. Describe chemical method of determination of end point of decalcification.

4a. With the aid of illustration, write on the morphological difference between vegetative cystic forms of E.histolytic and E.coli.

5a. Name important chemicals tests you would carryout as a routine on a sample of urine.
5b. Describe one of these tests in detail.

6. Write short notes on the following
6a. EDTA
6b. Drabik’s solution
6c. Sodium citrate
6d. PCV

a. Questions Number 1 is Compulsory.
b. Write your examination number, date and centre on the cover of your answer booklet
c. Answer each question on a fresh page.
d. Introduce diagrams wherever appropriate.
e. Obtain additional answer booklet from the invigilate if necessary

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