JSS 2 Basic Science Past Questions in PDF & Word for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Term Examination.

Do you want to download JSS 2 Basic Science Exam Past Question ? Are you looking for Junior Secondary School JSS 2 Past Questions 1st, 2nd and 3rd Term.

Then your search end here.

Before a student is promoted into the next class, he/she is expected to pass basic science as a subject.

Most student do fail or perform below expectation, as a result of this, we have compiled JSS 2 Basic Science Past Question for student preparing for the subject exam.

The JSS 2 basic science exam past questions and answer were compiled to served as a reference materials and to help student in revision, test and exam preparation.

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Download JSS 2 Basic Science Past Questions.

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Free Basic Science Exam questions Download

Basic Science Objectives Questions for JSS 2


1. The human embryo normally develop in the _______
(a) urethra (b) uterus (c) placenta (d) ovary

2. ovum is produced in the ______
(a) testis (b) oviduct (c) scrotum (d) ovary

3. which of the following is not a part of male reproductive system?
(a) pennies (b) urethra (c) scrotum (d) sperm duct

4. sperm cells are produced into the
(a) testis (b) oviduct (c) scrotum (d) ovary

5________ fight germs which may get to the blood
(a) red blood cell (b) white blood cell (c) platelet (d) hemoglobin

6. The red blood cells contain a pigment called ________
(a) erythrocytes (b) haemoglobin (c) platelets (d) leucocytes

7 _____ is not a blood group
(a) A (b) A (c) C (d) AB

8. The red blood cells donates live very long . they are destroyed in an organ called
(a) heart (b) liver (c) pancreases (d) spleen

9The ________ are the blood vessels through which blood flows from the heart
(a) arteries ( b) capillaries (c) valves (d) vein

10 ______ is not a blood genotype
(a) AA (b) SS (c) AS (d) BS

11. Examples f an aquatic animal is _______
(a) man(b) bird (c) dog growth (d) fish

12. The ability to reproduce new individual is _______
(a) development (b) reproduction (c) growth (d) replacement

13 ______ is the union of male and female gametes
(a) ejaculation (b) gestation (c) ovulation (d) menstruation

14 ________ is the age or period at which the reproductive organ of boys and girls mature
(a) adolescent (b) puberty (c) adult (d) oestrogen

15. What kind of joint is found at the knee?
(a) ball and socket joint (b) hinge (c) pivot (d) gliding

Theory Questions for Basic Science JSS 2

Answer Four Questions Only

1a. Define habitat.
b.. List the three types of habitat and explain any one you know.
c. List the two types 0f changes in matter.
d. Explain two and give two characteristics each.

2a. Define growth and development.
b. List three growths changes in living things.
c. State two development changes in adult an adolescent.
d. List the changes in non-living things and explain them.

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