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Before one is qualified to be called a professional teacher, he/she need to enrolled, write and pass the TRCN exam; and rumor has it that, most applicant do fail, as a result of this, we have complied the past question for those preparing for the upcoming exam.

we at have compile the complete Teacher Registration Council of Nigerian (TRCN) Past Question.

This TRCN Final Qualifying Examination past questions and answer were compiled to serve as a reference materials and to help applicant in revision and exam preparation.

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Free TRCN Examination Questions Sample Copy

108. Technology refers to academic institution of learning.
b.Factor for production.
c.Application of scientific knowledge for practical problems.
d.Application of practical knowledge in technical schools.
Ans. C

109. Educational technology refers to aspects of education concerned with
a. Scientific approach to education knowledge.
b. Historical development.
c. Production of goods.
d. Learning.
Ans. A

110. Instructional technology refers to.
a. Religious messages.
b. Moral instructions.
c. Learning and teaching facilities.
d. Theories of instruction.
Ans. C.

111. The application of scientific knowledge in classroom for learning refers to.
a. Learning techno logy
b. Instructional technology.

116. The instructional mode of teaching is suitable for
a. large group instruction.
b. Small group instruction.
c. Higher level instruction.
d. None of above.
Ans. B

117. Interaction methodology is a common feature in
a. teaching.
b. Religious worship.
c. Lecturing.
d. Marketing.
Ans. A

118. Tutorial group methodology is a common feature in
b.Religious worship.
d.Policy training.

119. What is classroom management?
Ans. This involves creating a conducive teaching and learning environment with minimal physical distraction, unruly behavior an time management.

120. Chalk board management demands that?
Answer: The teacher should plan and use the chalkboard to ensure neat, legible, sequential presentation (containing only essential content of the lesson).

121. Explain the relevance of instructional supervision in a school system.

Ans: Supervision is a quality assurance mechanism which helps teachers improve their performance.

122. School inspection aims to fulfill the following except?
a. To assess the standard achieved.
b. To make learning better for the learner.
c. To improve teachers performance.
d. To know the teachers.

Ans. D

123. Differentiate between school supervision and school inspection?
Ans; Supervision is at the formative stage, while inspection is at the summative stage.

124. Which of these is a continuous process aimed at maintaining teaching and improving quality?

a. School inspection.
b. School supervision.
c. Curriculum development.
d. F.l. R. S

Ans B

125. Which of these is a frequent activity aimed at evaluating school quality of teaching and learning?
a. School inspection.
b. School supervision.
c. Curriculum development.
d. F.l.R.S.

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