donation hub nigeria registration – how does it work

 Donation hub Nigeria Registration and How it work

Donation Hub Tutorial Now Fully Explained with Graphical Illustration

for self tutor on how to navigate, visit the blog link below

Get full detail on how to navigate on, how to register and login; how to reserve, split, make and confirm donation; what is hold donation, what is outgoing donation, What is Total Amount and Outstanding Amount, how to calculate your incentive and percentage, the different payment method allowed and their logo, what and what not to do, to avoid you and the person that referred you not to be ban or suspended.
How to avoid a situation of a participant not confirming your donation.
Note once you are ban, you dont go down alone, any account link to you sponsor, referrer, family, will also be sanction.- all well explained.

So please go through the tutorial before you reserve or make donation

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*The Twelve Commandments of Donation Hub*
1. Endevour to input accurate information when registering, as some information (username, phone number and bank details) can not be edited afterwards.
2. Convert your naira equivalent you wish to donate, into dolar before you make reservation.
3. Do not reserve payment or click on paid if you are not ready at that moment to make payment, before clicking on paid, make sure you have initiated communication with the recipient, because he/she will be the one to confirm you after payment, do not click on paid or make payment if no communication has be established, report to support for cancellation due to no communication between you and the recipient.
4. If you are expecting donation (payment) make effort to make your line active and reachable, do check online every two hours interval to get the detail of the donor that reserve your entries.
5. Ensure to confirm payment on time once received.
6. Do not experiment here (it is not a research center) ask someone to guide you on how to navigate in donationhub.
7. Do not make any payment if the recipient line is not going, ringing and not picking, until you establish communication with him/her.
8. Do not attempt to reserve until previous reservations/transactions have been completed fully.
9. Do not make your referral link public.
10. When reserving, ensure that the user being reserved has an accepted mode of payment as yours.
11. Mobile and online transaction is highly encourage, as it is quick, convenient and secure.
12. For quick crediting of recipient account, try as much as possible to avoid making payment in the bulk room (as they might be delay in posting the payment)

for self tutor on how to navigate, visit the blog link below

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