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Medical imaging, also known as radiology, is the field of medicine in which medical professionals recreate various images of parts of the body for diagnostic or treatment purposes. Medical imaging procedures include non-invasive tests that allow doctors to diagnose injuries and diseases without being intrusive.

Medical imaging is a central part of the improved outcomes of modern medicine. Different types of medical imaging procedures include:
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Tactile imaging
Computerized tomography (CT scan)

Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology Questions and Answers pdf

Diploma Medical X-Ray Technician Past Question

Medical Imaging Technician
Course Duration:
3 Years

Entry Qualification:
Three (3) ‘O’ Level Credit Passes, Biology, Chemistry and Physics with a pass in English Language and Mathematics at WAEC or NECO in not more than two (2) sittings.

National Diploma Medical Imaging Technology Past Questions

Medical Imaging Technology

Course Duration: 3 years

Entry Qualification:
Minimum of lower credit in Darkroom Technician as well as five(5) O-Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Health Science.
The above requirements is for Direct Entry Admission while fresh applications must possess a minimum of five credit passes in WAEC, GCE or NECO which must include English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology/Health Science plus pass in JAMB

Radiography Bard Exam Questions

Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates of the programme will be expected to work in Radiography department in University Teaching Hospitals, Federal Medical Centres, General Hospitals, and also work in private hospitals and Radio diagnostic Centres.

Graduates of Medical Image Processing (Darkroom Technicians Program) will proceed to the University on direct entry to study Radiography.

National Qualifying Examination for Medical X-Ray and Imaging Technology

List of Courses, Course Code and Title

MXT302 – Radiographic Techniques and Digital Imaging
MXT301 – Anatomy and Physiology
MXT303 – Medical Image Processing
MXT304 – Physics and Radiography Equipment
MXT305 – Radiation Protection and Patent Care

Medical X-Ray and Imaging National Exam Section Feature Section A – D

Total Time Allowed: 2 Hours
Total Marks: 100 (Section A: 20 Marks | Section B: 10 Marks | Section C: 10 Marks | Section D: 60 Marks)
Answer all questions in the Examination booklet
Answer all questions in INK ONLY

Section A:
Objective Questions,
20 Mark,
Time allowed 30 minutes, each questions carries one mark (30 Marks)

Section B
fill in the blank spaces,
10 marks
Time Allowed 15 minutes.

Section C
10 marks
Time allowed 15 minutes

Section D
60 marks
Time allowed 1 hours

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