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Download now on this page free Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria DTRBN National Board Final Profession Examination for Dental Surgery Technician Past Questions in PDF.

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DST Past question for National Board Final Examination

DST Past Questions for Dental Surgery Technician.

Dental Surgery Technician undergo three years professional training in accredited college of health sciences and technology where they obtain Dental Surgery Technician Diploma and later certified professionally by the DTRBN.

The Board set examination annual, usually in Sept/October every year.

DST Professional Exam Entry Requirement

i. Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination(SSCE) result.
All interested applicants/candidates must make at least 5 Credits in Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, either in WAEC , NECO and NABTEB in not more than 2 sittings.
ii. Dully filled examination forms
iii. 3 Passport photographs with their names written overleaf
iv. Testimonial or To Whom It May Concern
v. Clinical Coats or school uniforms
vi. Examination Fee : Candidates must have duly paid for examination fee which is subject to review

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National Board Professional Examination for Dental Surgery Technicians

Paper Two (Theory)
Answer 5 (five) questions in all
Questions 1-4 are compulsory

1a. List four (4) functions of your Regulatory Body in Nigeria
1b. When was the Regulatory Body established?
1c. Enumerate your roles as a Dental Surgery Technician

2a. What is immunity?
2b. Explain three (3) natural ways of a body defenses
2c. List the instruments used for routine extraction.

3a. What is inflammation?
3b. Mention causes of inflammation.
3c. Mention the signs and symptoms of inflammation.

4a. Define Sterilization
4b. List any five (5) ways of adequate clinical control of pathogenic micro-organism in the Dental office.
4c. What is Dental caries and how can it be prevented?
4d. List four (4) functions of matrix band in amalgam treatment.

5a. What is zinc phosphate cement?
5b. List the constituents of zinc oxide powder

06. State the use of the following:
6a. Temporary filling materials.
6b. Permanent filling materials.
6c. Cavity lining materials.

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